Carson accuses Cruz camp of spreading false rumors on campaign suspension


Carson accuses Cruz camp of spreading false rumors on campaign suspension | Fox News

Disturbing if true, especially when Carson had been an honest broker so far and is an asset to the Republican brand. Carson claims to have written correspondence confirming this in the video provided at the link.


Anyone who actually believes Ben Carson was going back to Florida to “get fresh clothes” and rest for a couple of days is a very gullible person. He was certainly planning on reevaluating his campaign-and that means NOT spending crucial time in New Hampshire, which votes on the 9th. If Carson didn’t want people to speculate about his future, he should have kept his mouth shut to the media. People do have cell phones with internet these days and he only hurt himself.


It’s beginning to sound like these accusations are true. IF <—get that IF thing?, it IS true, then Cruz has some deep thinking to do about who he chooses as advocates, spokesmen, and his whole team.

Carson DID take some time off. He suspended his campaign for ONE DAY, I believe it was, to show respect for a campaigner who DIED in a car accident, and spent that time with the bereaved, rather than on himself.
I commend him for that, wholeheartedly!

For someone to try to turn that into Carson COMPLETELY suspending his campaign, was beneath contempt.

And if I have to say “IF” one. more. time…I’ll crucify mySELF. No need to apply.


FWIW, CNN says that the Cruz camp/Cruz sent out an apology to Carson.

Windham, New Hampshire (CNN)The day after winning the Iowa caucuses, Ted Cruz issued an apology to Republican rival Ben Carson for falsely telling Iowa caucusgoers that the retired neurosurgeon planned to quit the race, calling it a “mistake.”

Cruz said in a statement Tuesday that his campaign staff saw a CNN report that Carson was dropping out, although CNN had not characterized Carson’s actions that way.

“Last night when our political team saw the CNN post saying that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina, our campaign updated grassroots leaders just as we would with any breaking news story,” Cruz said in a statement first shared with CNN. “That’s fair game. What the team then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out.”

Yes, consider the source, but if Ted Cruz used it as a source for his OWN information…

P.S. I’m getting a little tired of Cruz’s “fair game” statements.


Face it CruzBots, Cruz played dirty pool at the end with this rumor-spreading and with that mailout. Say what you want about Trump, he owns his stuff because he says it right on camera. Cruz went the old-school gutter politics route. Not nice.


Not that what Cruz’ campaign did is something that I condone, the fact that you are complaining about gutter politics and not being nice while supporting Trump makes such outrage a bit disingenuous. You are obviously ignoring all of the “not nice” your “The Donald” has done. But, then again, that’s different, huh?

Cruz needs to find out who screwed up and fire them. But, even if he did that, you would still hate him.

The Donald gave a good a gracious speech. Why didn’t you learn from Trump’s speech like his other supporters did? NH is coming, Trump is a shoe in. Get over it.


This is totally separate from the volunteer death incident.


Really? How so? In my post that you quoted I stated: Say what you want about Trump, he owns his stuff because he says it right on camera.

I don’t consider being upfront and transparent to be gutter politics.

And I am not complaining, I was just drawing a contrast, thats all. I said a while back in another thread that politics ain’t beanbags, and so it isn’t. Cruz won. Enjoy it for now - I don’t think it will last.


It’s obvious that you will never directly answer a question for which the answer would most likely cast negative light on the Donald even if it is the truth. Your responses are only to grab the first part of a sentence and act as if you have addressed to whole post per it’s entire context. You are the type of poster that makes Trump supports look like 0bama supports. Fortunately for other Trump supporters that I know, they are not following your lead.


Your questions are often based on false premises, as is this one, and like the leftwing media they are phrased in such a way as to draw a conclusion without an answer. I give your questions the due diligence they deserve, which ain’t much.


“Ted Cruz admitted on Tuesday that his presidential campaign spread a false rumor, just hours before Monday’s Iowa caucuses began, that conservative rival Ben Carson was dropping pout of the presidential race…”

SOURCE: Ted Cruz ADMITS his staff spread rumor that Ben Carson was quitting

(Last line edited per moderator suggestion)


Oh, BS. I have posted specific info that is a matter of record and you ignore it which is not as you just characterized. You have insulted me and others by calling us Cruzbots even though we have acknowledged things about the Cruz campaign that have caused us concern with respect for our support for him. You, on the other hand, have demonstrated that you actually are one that would vote for Trump even if he shot someone on the street.

I have even retracted any earlier statements that I made about Trump supporters that alluded to their being wrapped up in his cult of personality because of Trumps speech and mainly how his supporters reacted to Cruz’ win in Iowa. I also plan to tone down some of my statements because I have made some friends here and they are more important than any candidate including The Donald. But, you keep right on going and acting as I have described. I probably just wasted my time posting this.


Have a nice day.


Enough with the insults per Trump form. Cruz supporters (not bots) are also concerned about this. But, you have ignored that.

Can’t handle being told the truth about yourself, huh?


Epithets like “CruzBots” or “Trumplings” or etc. don’t really contribute to discussion of ideas or events. Can we leave the biting and devouring each other to fans of The CHILL and The Bern?

My understanding of what happened is that Carson announced that even though the NH primary is imminent, he won’t be going to NH. A Cruz staffer understood that as a sign that Carson will be dropping out. Certainly, as important as early primaries and caucuses are, not going to NH is odd and suggestive. So the Cruz staffer put out a Tweet, i.e. went public with his speculation. Poor judgment? Obviously. Significant to the caucus results? Almost certainly not, given Cruz’s >3% margin over Trump. “Gutter politics”? No.

FWIW, Carson and Cruz (in alphabetical order) are my two preferred candidates. Not that CA’s primary is likely to mean much, being held in June.

Vindication For Cruz

True. Thank you.
Obviously, I’d misunderstood at first.


So, we have Ben Carson deciding to bow out of the campaign within an hour of the first caucus ballots being cast - mere minutes before caucus goers were to make their choice in Iowa? Carson was going to choose that moment to withdraw from the campaign after more than 16 months of effort on the campaign trail?

Does that sound believable to anyone on this site? Had you been Steve King and heard that story shortly before the start of the Iowa caucus, would you have run with it without checking it out? Without taking 60 seconds to check with the Carson camp? If you say yes, then you would make a good Democrat!!

Integrity is NOT situational. Some here rightfully claim that much of America’s problems stem from a lack of accountability on the part of our government officials/leaders. I agree with this assessment.

So, now it’s OK to not hold King and anyone else in the Cruz camp accountable for this inexcusable action based on a basic lapse in judgment?? Cruz should just “brush it off” and move on?

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Sometimes even good, well meaning people make serious mistakes/serious and costly errors in judgment. However, because/even if they are well intentioned doesn’t mean they should not be held accountable and that the one controlling entity - in this case, Cruz - should simply brush it off as no big deal.

I will most likely continue to support Cruz in the Texas primary, but it will be with considerably less enthusiasm. That’s for damn sure. Because Cruz has apparently chosen to “brush it off”, it is his integrity that is now in question as far as I’m concerned.


Mike, I agree. There is no way that any thinking person would conclude that any candidate would drop out at, literally, the 11th hour. Even if that did cross someone’s mind, only a pure bonehead wouldn’t pick up a phone to verify.
If someone that ignorant were on my staff, he’d be gone in sixty seconds. (Maybe, even, in a NY minute! lol)

Okay, seriously. The number of poor judgement calls on Cruz’s part are beginning to add up, and if he doesn’t get his/his staff’s act together PRONTO, he’s going to be tripping over himself through the rest of the campaign.

My sincere hope is that he will. Frankly, I’m surprised at the number of missteps, and this won’t the first time that it’s crossed my mind that we’ve got a brainiac w/no common sense.
I’m not kicking Cruz to the curb, but it does concern me when I think about him trying to implement policy when too few in the room comprehend his ‘plan of action’. (For lack of a better phrase at the moment.)

Heck, I don’t even know if I’m being clear at the moment. I hope you understand what I’m getting at here.

Cruz needs a good night’s sleep, and wake up fresh with a whole new team.

We’ll see!


Cruz publicly gave a heartfelt apology to Carson. However, I agree with the points of other posters in this forum. Carson shouldn’t have announced his intentions (CNN picked up on it and made the original speculation) and secondly Trump insults everybody and their brother and has relentlessly bombarded negative accusations against Cruz and yet his supporters don’t even give that a second thought. Shameful really.


2cent - trust me, you are having no difficulty offering a coherent assessment of the situation.