Carson: "I do not see a political path forward", not attending debate...


Appears he is all but out.

A shame really, though was expected. His understanding of socialism vs capitalism, free will and individual self determination vs government intervention was fairly accurate in my estimation.

Ultimately of all the politicians on either side of the aisle he carried himself with the most grace and class.


He was my man. If it happens that Cruz drops out and Rubio is still in by the time the primaries come to PA, I’ll write Carson in.


Carson is a good man indeed and his message although delivered quietly was a resounding one. If ALL candidates understood the history of the U.S and what is at stake, some who believe socialism and government intervention is the answer would quickly recant their ideology.


I m of the same mind as FC. Not set in stone. I really do love Carson. Yes he is soft spoken but, I am not looking for loudmouth leaders. I want someone who will voice their opinion even if that view is not popular. Not to mention his sincerity. I how he continues to run and get involved in government. He is not the President we want but the one we need.



Of all the lying, dirty tricks that I have seen in politics this has GOT TO BE THE WORST!

Carson merely said that he did not see a clear path but YOU take to the internet and decide to just “interpret” that as an indicator that he is quitting!

I think you owe Carson an apology for insinuating this lie and you should be fired from the Internet for life, anything less would be an utter condemnation of your character.

Did you call Carson’s camp to ask if that was what he meant?
Did you even pause before blasting a post that included your opinion in addition to the facts regarding this announcement or did you just relish the thought of stealing votes from him this Saturday?

This is just unbelievable, I have often disagreed with you but I had no idea that you were this void of character; I am SHOCKED that you would do such an evil thing to Ben Carson.

Does that perspective sound at all familiar to you?


I am not sure how you can use hyperbole to make such a point, I am not running for president.

Furthermore, this wording was made from his camp to the media, not the media assuming based on loose actions and then someone else running in the same party in turn using this to assume he is out. He is not at the debate tonight as I understand.

That action against Carson cost Cruz more votes than anything else to date. Anything remotely underhanded moving forward will be taken as him being dishonest because of it. I just call it as I see it.


It is exactly the same thing, nothing more than a posted comment about a campaign announcement that was published in the media.

You condemn only Cruz when Cruz did nothing, then you do it yourself.

Thank you for illustrating that your former outrage was feigned for the purpose of slandering a candidate superior to your “favorite”


I am not sure why you are micro dissecting this announcement at this point in the campaign, especially when you know inherently how different the circumstances are. I have learned a great deal from you and consider you a good source of political discussion on this forum, even when I don’t agree with your politics, but on this issue you are beating a dead horse, comparing apples to oranges, my sense is you understand the difference. If you want to maintain this position fine. Cruz has already apologized for this instance and lost one of his key campaign officers in another. His politics aside, these are facts.

To directly compare two entirely different situations at two entirely different points in the campaign, seeing as Iowa is the very first state to vote while Carson made the latest official announcement after a dismal Super Tuesday is disingenuous. If Carson had made the announcement “I do not see a political path forward” after finishing a distant 5th after Super Tuesday, and then stated he would not be attending the debates, Cruz and his campaign team could have stated; after confirming his official announcement by calling his campaign team I might add: “Carson team has acknowledged there is no political path forward and is all but out”, and no one would have batted an eye. It is March, not mid February, it is an official announcement, not political commentary by a newscast, it is confirmed not sent out via twitter in haste in order to profit from voter uncertainty the date of the first election stop, solely based on innuendo.

If you are suggesting that I should have contacted the Carson camp and verified what his official campaign announcement meant, I’m sorry, I didn’t. If you are suggesting that an individual posting his official statement in an online forum and a member of his campaign team posting something to voters based on commentary by CNN are the exact same things, we will have to continue to disagree.

To address the last comment about my “favourite”. My favourite dropped out some time ago in the form of Rand Paul. I had suggested I liked Rubio along with Paul in some of my earliest posts, I also viewed Carson as someone whos economic positions and understanding of governments roll was appealing. I try and be objective as I learn about the process and what this means for America, Canada and the West. Ultimately no candidate is going to fulfill all of ones opinions, it’s impossible, therefore, when deciding who is a decent match with my personal belief system AND is electable, there are choices which more closely match than others.




Yes, all the attacks over a Tweet were “rubbish” and indicative of an electorate that is just as sleazy as the campaigns that try to make such things significant.


If the truth were known, I highly suspect that Carson DID intend to end his campaign after Iowa, but the foofaraw about what Cruz staffers did gave it additional life and the campaign thought it would give Carson a boost. Didn’t work out that way, but it DID cost Cruz (unfairly so).


Exactly, Iowa was the best shot for Carson and the polls right up to the voting had him in the cellar; he knew it was over so he headed home to take care of the details. Then he decided to try and use the Cruz hype to generate some juice, he got plenty of help from the liars who helped portray it like some horrific thing but that did not convince anyone that Carson was ready to be President.