Carson, other GOP candidates top Clinton in latest national poll


Good news for the GOP. I attribute this success to the number of debates held by the Right and the early anointment without any serious debates being held by the Democrats. CNBC might have done the Conservatives a great service by showing their disdain and bias in the political process. Are the American voters looking for a serious and honest interview process before they choose their next president? Let’s hope so!

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, Trump still trails Clinton in an election scenario…

Carson, other GOP candidates top Clinton in latest national poll | Fox News

"the survey showed Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who has been trading the lead with Trump in GOP primary polls, with a 50-40 percent lead over the Democratic front-runner. According to Quinnipiac, Clinton’s lead among women “evaporates” when she’s pitted against Carson. Women break for him over Clinton, 45-44 percent.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also beats Clinton, 46-41 percent; Texas Sen. Ted Cruz beats her 46-43 percent; and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie beats her 46-41 percent.

Clinton still leads Trump, 46-43 percent.


These polls make perfect sense to me - (i) if we manage to nominate a credible candidate, we can defeat Hillary Clinton, and (ii) Trump is not a credible candidate.

Of course, the cynic inside me tells me that Trump will likely run as a third party independent, and that he’s likely already agreed with the DNC to do so.