Carson/Rubio 2016??


I think the media may have done some damage to Rubio’s potential Presidential run with the “water-gate” scandal. Therefore I think a dream ticket for 2016 for me, would be Carson and Rubio. I think both Joe Biden and Marco Rubio have the same qualities that you need for a vice president. Yes, I know they are polar opposites ideologically and intellectually lolz, but that’s not what Vice President really is about. With a VP you need to be Charming, you need to smile, you need to help out your boss as much as needed and you need to back him up when necessary. Rubio has all these qualities, yet some still say he isn’t Presidential material. Even I have my doubts about him. However, if we really want a true contender to Barack Obama, we would stick Dr. Carson up the Democrats butts! We should say, we don’t care if he’s overly religious! We don’t care that he’s black! We don’t care that he doesn’t have much political experience. We should then say, that Carson is everything that Obama claims he is but isn’t. In four years Carson could get the right contacts, spread his message and become a huge power player in our politics.

He can run as an outsider and together with Rubio he can help get the black and latino vote! Remember when I was saying that I don’t think anyone who is on the playing field today will win the nomination for our party. Guess what? Until a few days ago nobody knew who this guys was!!!


I just checked this guy out and all I can say is wow. He would definately get my vote.
I really hope he does decide to run.


President Carson has a nice ring to it.


Sounds about right.

Rubio was considered a great candidate by the GOP but not because of his ideology, just because his skin tone was considered a great way to coddle the Hispanic vote. Then the media throws a little stupidity toward him over his water bottle and the GOP flees like like scared children. Then Dr. Carson is moved to the status of great candidate, not for his experience or ideology but because his skin tone is considered a great way to attract black voters.

Now the media will throw some criticism toward him and the GOP will again flee; probably toward a woman, not because of her qualifications or ideology but because her gender will seem like an in toward female voters.

This is the modern GOP, no soul or foundation and quick to flee from all criticism from the Extreme Left.
Why am I not surprised.


I don’t think anyone cares about Dr. Carson’s skin color. There’s loads of black guys speaking out about what they feel like. Ever listen to rap?? It’s horrible, yet, a lot of black people think that way… Conservatives connected to Dr. Carson strictly because of his ideas and common sense approach!!! I guess what your saying is otherwise we wouldn’t have listened to him right, because we’re supposed to be racists??

I don’t know how you could have ever thought this way unless you were a liberal/racist or both… It’s become clear to others that you are a liberal in sheep’s clothing because you use all of their same tactics and attacks!!! I’m still gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here. However, I will recant that decision if you try to back up what you said…


And I will once again point out that you are in dire need of a dictionary and a class in basic English so that you can read words and comprehend context.

Just kidding, I know you have no idea what any of that means.


As I’ve pointed out before…Carson has NO elected experience and is 7th Day Adventist, a YEC who believes the earth is 6000 years old, Dino rode with Noah and evolution does not exist. Who knows what else he believes…but I’m guessing there’s a lot more.
I’m hoping the rest of the Party stops their slobbering long enough to vet this guy before embarrassing us again.


Who cares?


Lots of people. YEC are in the same category as flat Earthers, and there are many who don’t want those who are that scientifically ignorant running the country.


YEC is the plurality in America and the majority of republicans


I do. My guess is most of the voting public will too if it should ever come to that.


46% of America is YEC so they wouldnt have a problem with it. Then 32% of America believes in God based evolution. What % of those would find a YEC candidate unacceptable? I dont think it would be a huge number.

Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design


Yeah…now that is a downright scary thought. To deny all of geology, tectonic plates, radiometric dating etc.
Of course, I’m sure that much of it is pure ignorance…but the Adventist is an actively promoted religious doctrine. I note that the Catholic Church has no problem with an old earth, so it is not just a Christian thing…just certain ones.
In any event…my opinion is that it will be death to any candidate. I note that Ms. Palin attended a church with such beliefs…but was unwilling to say she shared such beliefs. Smart lady when it comes to retail politics.


I don’t really care about religious beliefs of politicians.


Actually most people dont want atheists to be in control of our country and much more so then YEC’s and theres a reason for that. for references ask pol pot, lenin, stalin and Mao, as For beliefs there are lots of darwinian evolutionists who believe they know how life got started, even though the theory of evolution doesnt state anything about how life got started, if you want to talk about being scientifically ignorant we can go there also Cactus, but we wont since this has no bearing on what we look for in a leader since he wont be a scientific leader. Imagine a president that told us that love is just a bunch of chemical reactions or that there is no objective good or evil? Now thats a true nightmare.

Your trying to peddle your philosophy where it is most often ignored.
God bless