Cash-starved states eye pot tax


Now that voters in Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use, dope smokers there can light up without the usual paranoid fear that the cops are at the door.
The taxman is another matter.

Cash-starved legislators are seeing dollar signs in dime bags — with talk that a tax on marijuana could pump hundreds of millions or even billions into budgets still reeling from the recession.

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W]( lets see where this will go. I believe many do drugs because it is illegal and now they can get legally they too have to pay taxes. That may kill the wish to get drugs for some.


I don’t think you have to worry about people stopping smoking weed because of a tax. Weed was much more expensive before decrimialization, so this is one tax potheads are going to be very happy to pay.

Those who don’t want to pay will just grow their own anyway.


Well, we should just pass laws that prevent people from growing their own.

Oh wait…


It will be interesting to see at what rate a pot tax would be set at. Unless legal pot, after taxes, is reasonably affordable, there will be the easy alternatives of the black market, as well as grow-your-own. The market for illegal alcohol dried up in most parts of the country as soon as Prohibition was repealed. I suspect it won’t be that easy with marijuana.