Cash-strapped Ontario government cancels future green energy plans


Cash-strapped Ontario government cancels future green energy plans | Ontario | N

Beware folks if you look to interfere in the free market by funding failed and expensive business projects. Ontario has been on the Green train for a decade, our provincial debt has doubled to the point we are now the most indebted sub borrowing jurisdiction in the world.

TORONTO - The Ontario government says it is blowing away green energy plans in a bid to save almost $4 billion.
The province’s energy ministry said Tuesday it is cancelling plans to sign contracts for up to 1,000 megawatts of power from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources to help keep rates down for consumers.
Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault says the decision is expected to save the province up to $3.8 billion in costs from its 2013 long-term plan, and will keep about $2.45 a month from being added to hydro bills.


Cash-strapped Ontario government cancels future green energy plans .
I don’t believe it. They should be rolling in dough because of all that money saved on “FREE” energy alone. (wink).
I’m very much reminded of 2 things (but don’t know why):

  1. Is that HONEST comment that the democrat made that went…They are to stupid to know what’s in the bill so we will get it passed before they figure it out.
  2. There’s one born every minute.


Radical Environmentalism is a luxury good - a luxury good that many societies on the decline will find they cannot afford.

The interesting factor is, this Luxury Good, Radical Environmentalism - it itself hastens the decline of a society that adopts it. Like high-priced booze, bought and used copiously, will destroy a newly-rich person’s life.

This will all go in the dumpster - and the Leftists know it, or their leaders do. They just hope they can carry it through until they get government its unrestricted power, which is the real aim of this stuff.

Once that happens, they’ll pull off the Green mask…and show us how Red they really are.


Ontario is really not a good place for solar. I’m not sure about wind. It does have a large coast, but it’s partially bordered by land. I would intuitively guess it doesn’t have a lot of wind or tidal potential.