CATO Inst grades the state's governors.


An interesting survey of policies on taxation and spending over the last term of the nation’s governors:


How sad that the best score is a 69 and considered an A – presuming on first pass that it is a percentage-based rating. How sad that we have to grade our governors on a curve to get an A. My state ranks low. Not surprising in the least. Oregon sucks in so many ways, but we seem to be pretty good on gun rights at least.


I think you need to read more closely, although, when you do, you’ll find Oregon still sucks.


I just glanced, but glad to know Oregon still sucks.


Interesting…I would have expected Jindal & Halley to do better.


Like they gave Perdue a ‘C’ ? she is absolutely horrendous. She has things so screwed up it’s why she is not running again.


The way its scored is puzzling when you look the the logic. The “best” governor cut tax revenues by 6.2% and raised spending per capita by 7.7%


That sounds like an F to me.


If one hopes to understand the individual scoring, one needs to go to the end of the paper and read the specifics on each governor’s agenda, and remember…it is not a zero sum game.