Cawthorn Crossdressing Not Kidding

I no longer wonder how Cawthorn knew the phrase, “Key bump of coke”.

He’s is the bumper come on you couldn’t see the charade early on. I mean no one thought he was a boycout. I know a queer man I call boycout won’t touch a drop of liquor or herb. Always pays his taxes, his debts, keeps his stuff up to date. Then you have these wolves pretending to be sheep leading the sheep into awkward moments like this. First person to say they are good or perfect run run very fast. I will admit I am a shrewd ass of a high degree but I never did no one worse than anyone did me. I’d never lead someone on under false pretenses and leave them hanging.

This is the photo everyone is talking about. Cawthorn was on a cruise with family. He took part in a game show on the cruise. Part of that was dressing like this. It’s not something I’m brave enough to do so I won’t judge. However, the idea that this is a scandal on top of the other ones surrounding him is stupid.

The left is terrified.

doing a little bit of cross dressing on a cruise, doing key bumps in a parking garage family values but DAMN anyone who dares wear non gender conforming attire if they are not the patron saint of conservatives and Hypocrisy itself. Next time I commit crimes against God and nature it’s just a funny game show really flipping cute Caroline.