CBO suggests taxing drivers by the mile


An economist at the Congressional Budget Office suggested on Monday that the federal government could start charging people based on how far they drive in order to generate more government revenues to spend on highway projects.

With the push to increase mileage of cars with better use of fuel and electric cars now the government is faced with losing tax money because will use less fuel. Now the push is to charge by the mile which will stop travel of some people and create other problems that will “have to” be dealt with when that too produces less revenue.

As an afterthought government will have to think up ways to tax those who use gas for their mower business or cleaning parts and so on.

The paradigm is that with the advent of electric cars and the use of ethanol we are still using energy to produce results. Basically it is the old switch from one reality to another. Government has a history of shifting services to another agency and calling the result a savings.


These suggestions have been coming from several directions for the last few years. What bothers me most about them is that I never hear or see that the proposals will eliminate the existing gas tax. Therefore I consider the possibility that these are nothing more than tax increase schemes. After all we do have to support the welfare programs and the pending arrival of more immigrants, legal and illegal don’tchaknow.


I think a gas tax and/or a mileage tax (for highways only) is a jolly good idea if we eliminate and/or reduce many other taxes and government programs.


I have no issue with the gas tax nor would I have to much of an issue with a mileage tax if the money was actually used to maintain infrastructure.


Good luck with that/sarcasm
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We already have a gas tax. There is a federal gas tax, and all the states have their own gas taxes. My understanding is that the gas taxes don’t all go to road maintenance.


The gas tax was generating more revenue than either the feds OR the states were willing to spend on “infrastructure” so the legislatures decided to dip their paws into it–mostly for social programs–and before you knew it, it was ALL gone.


Any politician that votes for this crap needs to be tarred and feathered.


The Illinois lottery comes to mind with politicians taking from it.


Leave it to Taxifornia to cook up a scheme like this. If it should become the standard practice just imagine having to visit a state facility to have your car interrogated for miles traveled and where you have been.:Thud:

LINK - ** CA to roll out pay-per-mile pilot program for drivers**


Once it was a privilege to drive…

Next the Fresh Air tax…


[quote=“Yjacket, post:10, topic:48453”]
Leave it to Taxifornia to cook up a scheme like this. If it should become the standard practice just imagine having to visit a state facility to have your car interrogated for miles traveled and where you have been.:Thud:

LINK - ** CA to roll out pay-per-mile pilot program for drivers**
[/quote]They’ll probably treat it like paying any other tax. Let you self-report, assume you’re being honest, and audit a few people to give you a sense of potential consequence to lying. Maybe 1/10 drivers have to come in and verify their traveled miles.


That is the problem politicians take from funds that are supposed to be earmarked for certain things and then they look for new ways to get more money in taxes. When I did a search of possible taxes that were repealed the only one I found was the tax on phones which was to pay for the spanish american war. Oh they still have the three percent on the bill they just call it something else.

I mentioned the Illinois lottery which was to pay for prizes and schools but it too has been used for political purposes. It seems like every year I see where the local schools want a tax increase which go to pay for additional administration rather than the students or building upkeep. I am looking at principals making $90,000 for a crackerbox school and schools filled with social workers, grief counselors, several vice principals, and so on.


Ya know… I guess the “government” see’s people like me as part of the problem. I am a global warming skeptic, but we bought a Hybrid because ya know what? I only just got rid of my 88 Camry about 3 years ago. I get around 60-65mpg on my hybrid, and I pay less than $20 to fill up my tank to full. Over the lifetime of the ownership of our Hybrid, we will save quite a bit.

And does that make the “goberment” mad because I’m spending lot less on gas? You better believe it. Do I give a rats patook? NOPE.


So really this is more reason to drive gas-guzzlers. If trying to stop global warming is going to add a tax then I would rather deal with a little more heat in my lifetime. Thanks Obama!!


This cannot happen unless the road maintenance responsibilities are privatized and awarded via open bid, the Unions will never support that so taxes levied under the guise of “improving and maintaining the infrastructure” will never find their way to the actual “road”.

We spend enough now to have roads made of solid silver yet broken concrete is what we drive on, the worse the roads get the easier it is to get people to support more road taxes so the roads will never be “fixed”; absolute failure to achieve their stated objective is the quickest path to growth and flush paychecks for government bureaucracies.


And just imagine how many cars will have a hidden switch installed to disable the electronic speedometer so the driver can limit how many miles are recorded.

Many will simply use their phones gps to monitor their speed and shut off the cars odometer to beat the tax, I will be cheering these “criminal acts” and posting “how to articles” so everyone who wants to can “just say no” to tyranny.


Well, that’s great. The workers that can’t afford to live in big cities are now going to be charged to commute to their jobs.


I remember years ago there was a plan to turn over one of the toll roads coming out of chicago with the idea it would save money. I never did heard much more about it.

Chicago Considers Privatizing Toll Road Linked to Indiana | Heartlander Magazine


The Skyway is priviatsed and is actually turning a profit now whereas before it was losing money under public control.