CBP confiscates Man's Pickup, still no hearing after two years



Idiotic. Dunno what else to say.

Maybe this is where I complain about having to stop and say yes, I’m a citizen while traveling I-10 in New Mexico.


WE have had search and seizure issues for a while here. Was this the American Border Patrol or the Mexican Border Patrol? And with real laws regarding concealed weapons and ammo, which is different from state to state. Senor Serrano has a problem and he DID have the ammo in the truck, regardless of whether or not he knew it. The real problem here is due process.


American Border patrol, he has a permit, and the rounds were 5 in a magazine.

For that one magazine, he was treated as if being a gun smuggler. Which is patently ridiculous.

What is equally ridiculous, his truck was taken away from him, when he was never charged with a crime.

This isn’t just “due process”, this is asset forfeiture BS. Property rights aren’t being respected, and were letting an agency get away with it.


2 years is unreasonble, but what is? Maybe 2 months. There are no rules on this.

The IRS has made strides forward in customer fleecing, errr I mean customer service. Need that at the border too.