CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight’ Tweet with ’Assassinate Trump’ Sparks Calls for Secret Service Investigation


Before anyone says that we (Trump supporters) are “over-sensitive”, swap out Trump for Obama in that scene and …


Of course they are fantasizing about having Trump assassinated. They know they can’t beat him honestly. They spent their next six years political capital pumping up the fantasy of Russian collusion. The democrats have to rebuild, and when they do, they will be an even more extreme expression of their most far left elements.


This is more fantasizing from Hollywood writers who belong to the “Michael Moore school of ‘entertainment’.” These people are like a bunch of spoiled children. When they don’t get their way by winning an election, they lie on the floor, beat their hands and feet, and scream. They have been doing it since Election Night 2016.

Instead of accepting reality and formulating viable alternative policies, they are obsessed with false consistency theories and push the narrative that they are all victims. When they do think about public policy, their solutions are to give all of their supporters everything they want for nothing, just like children on Christmas Morning. It should be a formula for political oblivion, but sadly voters like this make up at least 40% of the electorate, and their numbers are growing as more indoctrinated young people get the vote.