CBS News: White House Knew Terrorists Took Credit Hours After Attack In Benghazi


So within a few hours they knew it was a terrorist attack…They even knew who claimed responsibility for it. Yet they still blamed it on a youtube video…


I want to see BO squirm his way out of this one after the announcement that the POTUS and Veep had no knowledge prior to or during these terrorist attacks which resulted in 4 American lives being taken. BO disgusts me so much that I can’t stand to even look at him let alone listen to his lies. He insults my intelligence.


[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:2, topic:36756”]
He insults my intelligence.
[/quote]He insults everyone’s intelligence and those who support him are supporting the party over reason.


From what I heard during my AM drive, this is being reported/followed by multiple MSM outlets. Several key e-mails sent while the attack was underway (at least one in the first hour of the attack!) have been leaked. A couple of point leap out to me:

  • That the national MSM have been partisan is obvious. BUT there is a limit to that partisanship, and it may have been reached. The Obama Administration has been lying - as these e-mail prove - from Day 1 or Day 2 … straight to MSM folks’ faces. I think some MSM folk are highly POed and finally willing to actually give this WH deception/cover-up some serious coverage.

  • These e-mails, as I understand it, were leaked. By whom? Given the Obama Administration’s record of systematic stonewalling, I doubt anyone in Congress had these e-mails. And the WH obviously isn’t going to be releasing proof they’ve been lying. My guess (and that of others) is that the e-mails came from either hypo-vehiculated State Department or CIA people. Hypo-vehiculating people who aren’t powerless and have the means of defending themselves or counter-attacking is dangerous business, and the WH may have initiated a game that is spinning out of and beyond their ability to control. Payback is a …


Pete, fwiw, I see it the same as you. And as Rush have said, MSM was more than happy to back ‘O’ up 'cuz they’re of the same ideology. (I believe they thought they were backing up a good thing.) But once the idol of your own ideology starts to crack and his true colors shine through, time to abandon ship! Not even he is worth waking up in the morning w/egg all over your face. After all, reporters and ettes have egos, too!
(Took 'em long enough.) What’s so sad is that 4 good men had to DIE, (probably more), and things get to this ungodly extreme before they did.

Anyway, I agree w/your guess as to where the e-mails are originating.
This could get interesting.


I doubt the MSM has any good reason to report this story. They just want the ratings. The day the lamestream media cares about informing the American people I will be surprised.


I will think they actually decided to become/return to real journalism and the root purpose for its very existence.

While I’m willing to accept my share of the fault for ending up w/the politicians we now have and the problems w/this country that ensue from that quarter, along with society itself running amok, MUCH of blame could be laid at their feet as well for utterly abandoning the very core principles of journalism. For, without ALL of the facts, or at least a semblence of objective reporting, how else is society to determine the best (or better) choice of which route to take?


The emails prove that the White House was aware that someone posted to Facebook and Twitter claiming to take credit for the attack on behalf of Ansar al-Shariah.

But what you don’t see in this video is that the postings didn’t come from the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Ansar al-Shariah’s Benghazi chapter, which posted the next day and denied responsibility for the attack.

Even if the original posts did come from Ansar al-Shariah, the fact that a terrorist group claims responsibility for an act doesn’t mean they really were responsible, or that the administration lied about it.


Sure to get banned, but I don’t care. I’m not ABOUT to put up with THAT height of Obama sycophant sphyker-kissing to let it go by without calling you the ASSHAT that you are!
How STUPID can a person possibly BE?!


[quote=“2cent, post:9, topic:36756”]
Sure to get banned, but I don’t care. I’m not ABOUT to put up with THAT height of Obama sycophant sphyker-kissing to let it go by without calling you the ASSHAT that you are!
How STUPID can a person possibly BE?!
[/quote]'Bout that stupid.