CBS Shifts Emphasis of Democratic Debate


In the hours after the deadly attacks in Paris, CBS News significantly reworked its plans for the Democratic presidential debate it is hosting here on Saturday night to focus more on issues of terrorism, national security and foreign relations.
Steve Capus, the executive editor of CBS News and the executive producer of “CBS Evening News,” said in an interview late Friday that he was in the middle of a rehearsal for the debate when news broke about the slaughter in Paris.

What will happen is the republicans will be blamed for this. No mention will be used to cast any doubt on obama’s actions in wanting to bring over more of these types of individuals. I read the other day that obama has stripped millions from the VA to pay for these “refugees” he wants to import.


It will be interesting to see how they dance around these issues. I don’t think the “blame Bush” strategy will fly with all except the most extreme. Too bad Webb won’t be there to hold their feet to the fire.