CBS ‘Star’ Scott Pelley’s Ratings Tank as He Goes After Trump. Is He a Goner?


CBS ‘Star’ Scott Pelley’s Ratings Tank as He Goes After Trump. Is He a Goner?
By Joe Simonson | 12:08 pm, April 13, 2017

Since last November, the Evening News managing editor and chief 60 Minutes correspondent has shrugged off any hint of objectivity in his cheap shots and barbs at the president. Maybe Pelley has seen too many episodes of The Newsroom, but he seems to think his nightly news program is an opportunity to lecture the country on why the president is terrible and why Pelley is such an insightful genius.

Unfortunately for CBS, it doesn’t seem like the country enjoys Pelley’s nightly lectures. A look at Evening News ratings from December to April show a massive slide in viewership.

During the week of December 5, CBS was (as usual) dead last among the three broadcast evening news programs, at 7,621,000 viewers with 1,702,000 in the key demo. By comparison, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt had a total 9,182,000 viewers.

Fast forward to April, however, and you’ll see a precipitous decline among all networks, notably with Pelley’s show getting hit the hardest. For the week of April 3, Pelley raked in a mere 6,249,000 viewers with a pathetic 1,366,000 in the key demo — almost 1.7 million fewer viewers than leader ABC’s World News Tonight.

MSM self-destruction continues. Maybe SeeBS should buy ***MesS***NBC, can all their current on-air “talent”, and put Rachel MadCow on-air for their evening “news” and 60 Minutes shows. The quality might actually improve.


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