Celebrity Quiz

Here’s a little quiz for you guys:

  1. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest actor during the 30’s, 40’s, and early 50’ws/ (I’ll put my choices at the bottom.)

  2. Which female actress was, in your opinion, the greatest actress during the 30’s, 40’s, and early 50’s?

You may include any comments with your answers.

1. I have a tie here. My first choice is James Cagney, and my second choice is Jimmy Stewart.

2. There is only one for this category: The Great Bette Davis!*

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John Wayne

(woman ?)

John Wayne for the man and Katherine Hepburn for the woman. Admittedly, John Wayne played himself in all of his roles and I am an admirer of Cagney, Stewart and Walter Pigeon as well since they were all versatile actors. My FAVORITE actress of that era is, hands down, AUDREY Hepburn. In fact, I MARRIED her clone and we’ve stayed married for 54 years now.


Humphrey Bogart would probably be my favorite
Honorable mention:
John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Clark Gable

Audry Hepburn is adorable
Honorable mention:
Lauren Bacall


They had movies back then? :crazy_face:

When I was little, I remember I liked Jennifer Jones

I can’t recall acting quality for any movie I’ve seen. They were a lot more dramatic back in the 40s, clearly influenced by stage acting.

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My first pick among the men would be Jimmy Stewart followed closely by Spencer Tracy. Others in the mix would be Paul Muni, who gets very little mention today, and James Cagney. Many people do not know that he was a great dancer. Check him out in his one Oscar winning role, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” John Wayne and Clark Gable were much better actors than many people realize.

My first pick among the ladies is Katherine Hepburn followed by Elizabeth Taylor. They turned in great performances as they aged over the years. People don’t realize that as actors age, they become different people with respect to playing roles. It takes real talent to be able to still turn in a credible performance as they age. Betty Davis and Judy Garland also make my list. Had she not had the drug abuse issues, Garland would have been further up the list.

As for voicing cartoons, Mel Blanc was the greatest ever. Just about every male voice on the classic Warner Brothers cartoons.


Yes, what Pappadave said

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Oh yes, Paul Muni was a great actor. I liked him in the Good Earth. Yes, that was James Cagney doing all his own dancing. Amazing dancer! In the movie about George M Cohen there’s a part where he is tap dancing down a flight of stairs. That is extremely difficult to do.

Here’s a little treat that many people have never seen: Bob Hope and Jimmy Cagney together on a table: https://youtu.be/ZP0KD82t8WA

As for Katherine Hepburn, she was a better actress when she got older. Did you know that she was Howard Hughes’ girlfriend for many years?


There’s just too many to choose from. But still, John Wayne, I mean come on. LOL. Nobody beats the Duke.

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TT2 I agree that John Wayne was a very popular and talented actor. The only role I liked was when he played an American general in “The Longest Day”.

That was great. But thats the ONLY role he played that you liked? he was in a hundred movies at least.

Well, he played mostly in cowboy movies and I just don’t like westerns. I always liked him in dramatic roles.

He was terrific in Red River, and the Searchers. He didn’t play as himself in those two movies at all.

His probable best role was in the Quiet Man, the Oscar he was robbed of!

He was good in so many movies, I own many of his better movies he was in.

Anyone watched, They were expendable…? He was great in it so was Robert Montgomery.

The 1969 True Grit is outside of our time window, but that’s always been one of my favorite movies, more due to Kim Darby, but John Wayne was unforgettable. “She reminds me of me!” And “I’ve got a writ for you, rat. It’s a rat writ written for a rat and this is lawful service of same. BAM!” But imagine my shock and surprise when I came to the conclusion that the 2010 version was actually a little better.

Without question. No one else even came close.

That was a hit when it came out for sure. I actually remember that as a kid.

Yes, that is a no brainer.

I’ve watched Quiet Man several times, but never got into it. Yes, I’ve seen “They Were Expendable” but it was a very long time ago. I liked “The Cowboys” and “The Sons of Katie Elder”. There was also a movie he did in his later years where he wore an eye patch. That was a good movie, but I don’t remember the name of it.

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Oh, what about the voice of Donald Duck? Did you know that the voice of Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney’s?

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John Wayne and Maureen O’hara The Quiet Man

Paul Muni and Louise Rainer The Good Earth

Stewart and Kelly Rear Window