Cern Researchers Confirm Existence of Force

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider just recently started testing the accelerator for running at the higher energy of 13 TeV, and already they have found new insights into the fundamental structure of the universe.

“The Force is what gives a particle physicist his powers,” said CERN theorist Ben Kenobi of the University of Mos Eisley, Tatooine. “It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us; and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”

Cern Researchers Confirm Existence of Force

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May the force be with you

From the article it looks like physicist are trying to horde it for themselves.

Sorry for the toes of Star Wars fans (I’m one, up to a point) that I step on, but from the end of a Star Wars fanfiction that I wrote:

May the Force be damned.
May the Lord be with you.

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And here I thought the Lord was the Force.

I could have proved its’ existence if they wanted…

[Movie Quotes]And how could this be?[/Movie Quotes][tagline]Inquiring minds want to know.[/tagline]

Well duh its on the Internet!

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Not the one in Star Wars…

Here’s what my POV character had to say about the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force:

“(A)s far as I’m concerned, they’re just two sides of the same counterfeit coin.”

Though there was much discussion of Star War’s relationship to Greek mythology, but it’s always given me the impression the dark and light sides of the force were more like metaphors for the devil and God. The forces of good and evil in the final struggle with the emperor as the anti-Christ, just done without the religious overtones.

The Jedi vs Sith is very much a representation of the everlasting fight between Good and Evil. FC issue is that even the Jedi use their powers to influence others. The infamous Jedi mindtrick. To which my response is that even the good will sometimes misuse power. There are some examples in the SW universe where some Jedi do not use that power.

I would assume the use of power against an innocent would be unworthy of the good, but what if that power was being used not against an innocent but to trick an instrument of evil?

You are still violating that persons freewill. I see it as a morally wrong to use but cannot dispute the good that it can produce.

If they are an instrument of evil, they’ve already given up their free will. The alternative would be to kill them. I’d think causing them not to see something to prevent harm being done to them wouldn’t be doing wrong, even though it may not be doing good. And once the final battle between good and evil has begun God is engaged, to some extent, since the devil would have jumped in with both feet. Any prime directive of non-interference would likely be void, at least to some degree.

I’m going by the basis of "thou shalt not bear false witness.

Also, it was established in the prequel trilogy that they inducted kids as padawans at a very young age. That goes beyond just teaching; that’s indoctrination.

Also, worshippers of God do not wield supernatural power unless specifically called to do so.

Last, George Lucas created the concept of the Force from some unbiblical beliefs.

Wait a minute. The only two possible ways of dealing with someone who does evil is to lie to them or kill them?

If you’re in a war between good and evil so people are going to get killed, that is pretty clear, even in scripture. With the stakes that high, when the enemy is standing in the way of a mission, what are your options? In the case of the soldiers at Mos Eisley there were not only more soldiers around but civilians two. Just exactly would your strategy be to get passed them and how much time would you waste trying to come up with one.

Whoa!!! The Force is not supernatural, at least not in the SW universe. It is well establish what it is. Secondly the kids are giving up willingly by their parents. The are taught the Jedi Code and the ways of the Jedi just as you would be if you started learning a martial arts or if you parents sent you to some military school. They are teaching them to be Jedi and how to master the ways of the Force and use that ability for Good not Evil. If left alone the Jedi would be like Buddhists. In their temples seeking enlightenment. If I wanted to look for something in every fictional book out there that did not jive with my religion I could easily find it. The Force is a plot device and one that serve a purpose in the SW franchise. Without it SW would lose alot of the meaning it holds. Similar with Tolkien’s Middle Earth Universe.

My big glitch is that George Lucas created the Force deliberately to reflect mystic beliefs of his own. At any rate, they called the Force a “religion.”

Who said it was necessary to get past them? Or to destroy the Death Star? I refer to the first quote in my sig from The Screwtape Letters. As I’m fond of saying (somewhat less effective at living), God calls us to obedience, not expedience.

Oh I don’t doubt it. Thankfully authors have taken his vision and made it into something awesome and far from what he wanted it to be. Well there are religions centered around the Force. In once of the many books there is one race that uses the Force just as you and I would use a hammer.