Cern Researchers Confirm Existence of Force

I get the impression the way you’ll fight the final war is to sit back and prey they’ll surrender, which effectively would get you slaughtered, evil wins, game over. In your mind God has to come down personally and tell you to fight back, then give permission for every blow before you strike.

I would think once God has made himself known, and you recognized him, you’d have faith he would provide insight into what path must be taken. I would also assume you’d know that path would only include what must be done to win. So it would be God who would show you, that it was necessary to get past them, perhaps to save the life and/or soul of others.

All I’m saying is that lying and killing aren’t the only two possibilities. Maybe God would call for killing in certain circumstances (He did in the Old Testament; less sure He would now). I know of no circumstance in the Bible in which He approved of lying.

And no, evil doesn’t win; I read the ending (Revelation). Also, I don’t save souls; I can’t. God does. I can only be an instrument of someone’s salvation. I feel it important to make that distinction.

But lying and killing are possibilities. You seem to be going to great lengths to avoid accepting it and consider what you might have to do to protect innocent lives. No one in their right mind likes lying, killing or harming people but we must consider and prepare for such a circumstance. If we are to act responsibly we most consider all the possibilities and what actions we might take in response. Not because we like violence or hurting people, but because if we pretend it will never happen and it does, than our unpreparedness could cost innocent lives.

I’m refusing to accept them as the only possibilities. And don’t accept that lying is a moral possibility. I’m not sure that killing is either, although the Sixth Commandment actually translates more accurately as "thou shalt not murder."

But let me make one thing abundantly clear. I don’t think I would stand idly by while an innocent is harmed; but if that harm comes at the hands of someone else, it is their responsibility; not mine. If I refrain from killing someone who is clearly going to kill someone else if I don’t and they do kill that person, the moral responsibility is not mine.

I repeat: God calls us to obedience, not expedience. There’s plenty of room for honest disagreement on what He does command us to do or not, but the results are in His hands. As the Screwtape line in my sig indicates, Satan wants to distract us with earthly consequences, because it takes our minds off God and what His will is.

The reality is if you haven’t actually worked through the possibilities and options ahead of time, the odds are that in an emergency you’ll be dazed and confused like most people. You have to be able to react without thinking, because while you’re thinking, you lose awareness of what’s happening around you. That’s the way most people end up dead. You have to be prepared so you know what to do ahead of time. You have to know how to assess a situation immediately so you can take steps to secure your position. Only then do you have the luxury of thinking.

The actual translation is murder not kill.

If you refuse to accept the possibility of violence then you will be unprepared if and when it ever occurs. There are too many in this world who take violence casually as the norm, not the exception. There are many who even enjoy commenting violence against others and look forward to it. If you’re not prepared to respond then you will be subject to their whim. It doesn’t mean that a response may require violence on your part but neither does it exclude the possibility. If you don’t know your options and aren’t prepared to do what’s required then more than likely you’ll choose the wrong option if and when the time comes. The odds that out of nowhere you’ll have a moment of brilliance that shows you what to do is pretty slim. We were given free will so that we might learn all the possibilities for ourselves, both good and evil. It is not the path we take that is good or bad but the decisions we make as we follow it, that defines it. To be prepared for those decision points before we reach them would seem the wiser course of action. Being prepared reduces the probability of unintentionally doing evil when confronted by the unknown and reacting in fear.

Um, he did make that distinction.

And if you knew him well, (I do strongly disagree with his stance about the death penalty), you would be aware that much of his current beliefs about killing are a reaction from a most violent attitude in the past.

Oh, and if you were to read his entire Star Wars story, you would find that his heroine did not hesitate to kill when it was absolutely necessary, although feeling distressed about it after the fact. But she never backed down on lying.

Star War is just typical fantasy tropes like the “dark lord,” the messianic savior, the 2 dimensional good vs evil narrative etc. Nothing original or subtle about it.

I know, and was just agreeing with him.

The reasons only matter as reference of understanding and empathy. It doesn’t change the wisdom of one approach over another. Being prepared enables you to see what might be coming, to recognize the signs, so you have the best opportunity to avoid violence or at least minimize the damage.

And personally I’d much rather lie to someone rather than kill them. Of course I’d prefer to do neither but I recognize the possibility I might have to face such a situation again. And I’ll be quite honest, with a gun pointed in my face and four lives at stake, I lied my ass off and told the guy exactly what he wanted to hear, since he obviously didn’t believe I had no clue what is was talking about.