CES 2013: Samsung Dominates With Flexible Screens!


Looks like the cell phone manufacturer which was in a deadly lawsuit with Apple a couple years back because apparently each company steals each other’s ideas so a Samsung is almost like an Apple phone that runs Android dominated CES this year. Along with updates of future driver-less technology, and super super big 3D TVs that cost as much as your car does now!

But I wanted to let you guys know that flexible screens will definitely be in your future and it looks like Microsoft Windows will power them! No Hover Cars in 2015, but I bet by 2015 your smart phone will be as thin as a sword and you will be able to slap it around your arm, or waist. I have no idea why this is necessary for cell phone technology besides for the little uses that they showed at CES, like reading text messages even more secretly.

CES 2013: Samsung shows off flexible, unbreakable smartphone screens - latimes.com


Samsung is doing great things across the board.
One of the major new deals at the show is SUPER HD TV’s with 4x the resolution of regular HD sets…quite expensive for now…but the future looks higher def!
I’m going with these puppies as my faves…they also serve as his & her coffins when yer done listening! :redface:



I love the flexible screens. I’d want this to be it’s own tablet that you could roll up and take wherever, but it looks like these screens all have external components. :frowning:


What is the point of that, a 1080 HDTV is already as sharp as your eye can see


Not if you make the TV the size of your wall or something.


I saw that too, they didn’t solve that problem yet. Next your cell phone will be just like your window shade. Though at least they are not going the way of the Wii U. That’s the stupidest idea Nintendo ever had and it shows they don’t know what to do next.


Reminds me of this:


Right, but theres no point of a super HD 60" TV and depending on your viewing distance Super HD doesnt become noticeable until you get bigger than 90"

But thats not even the real issue, the content takes up way to much space for the current delivery methods.


I’ve read that no tech exists that maxes out the human eye?


Well, the human eye doesn’t really have a resolution like a screen, but usually you can’t see anything smaller than about 4 arc minutes. At some point, it becomes futile to add more pixels because you can’t make them out anyway.


heres an article that explains it a bit

On the other hand, the average viewing distance for living room HDTVs in America is around 7 to 10 feet, depending on the screen size. So to appear “perfectly” sharp with 20/20 Vision like the iPhone 4 Retina Display, HDTVs only need a proportionally much lower PPI in order to achieve “Retina Display” status and have the HDTV appear “perfectly” sharp and at the visual acuity limit of your eyes.

Existing 40 inch 1920x1080 HDTV is a “Retina Display” when viewed from 5.2 feet or more
Existing 50 inch 1920x1080 HDTV is a “Retina Display” when viewed from 6.5 feet or more
Existing 60 inch 1920x1080 HDTV is a “Retina Display” when viewed from 7.8 feet or more

Since the typical HDTV viewing distances are larger than the minimum distances listed above, the HDTVs appear “perfectly” sharp and at the visual acuity limit of your eyes. At the viewing distances listed above the pixels on a 1920x1080 HDTV will not be visible by a person with 20/20 Vision in exactly the same way as the Retina Displays on the iPhone 4, new iPad 3, and MacBook Pro at their viewing distances. So existing 1920x1080 HDTVs are “Retina Displays” in exactly the same way as the existing Apple Retina Display products. If the HDTVs had a higher PPI or a higher pixel resolution your eyes wouldn’t be able to see the difference at their proper viewing distances. So existing 1920x1080 HDTVs are already equivalent to what Apple calls a “Retina Display.”

Why Your HDTV Is Already A Retina Display