Changed my opinion

I was also stupid to believe the vax could be harmful. I apologize y’all. I was just following Trumps orders. Everyone in the world needs to get vaxed. And anyone who doesn’t is like, a conspiracy theory touting prepper nut job. I made my appointment to get vaxed up tomorrow. This is the literal ONE thing that can save this world. Everyone, everything, every animal, everything needs to get their pfizer shot. Or moderna whatever, they’re the only things that can save you. - and here’s the kicker: by not getting vaxed I was literally trying to kill everyone and everything around me because deep in my soul I wanted to kill everything I love because I was a sick sick person.

I can’t believe Trump made me think the vax was some political thing. It’s not. It’s the only thing that can save this world. I didn’t realize it, but I was willfully working towards the destruction of all life on the globe by my unwillingness to see that big pharma is only trying to help us; the government is only trying to help us; hollywood is only trying to help us! omfG how was I so blind. Well I’m going to stop killing people tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to start being a citizen, not an a–hole. On that note, anybody who doesn’t vaccinate their kids against covid hates humanity and hates their kids.

Sounds like you aren’t willing to quit your job over what you believe.

I mean the government will incentivize and decentivize behavior using the least means needed. They could make it a fine, they could make it imprisonment. I’ll be honest the reason I’m pro-vaccine choice is people opposed to the medical establishment are usually stupid, and we could do with a few less stupid people on both sides. Am I monster no, I’m a Darwinist without a filter.

Conservative comedian Bill Burr put it this way “I don’t think covid is the virus, it’s just a nasty flu. The government they don’t want the sheep dead the first in line to get the vaccine, they don’t want the semi-sheep dead people who could lose money for not complying. The real virus comes when the worst holdouts are left.”