Charge Them With Murder!

This ‘thing’ is a councilwoman in of all places … Nashville, Tennessee!

She starts out with a bald faced lie ‘claiming’ that “an organization she works for charges non mask wearers with murder or attempted murder!”

Nashville, “What The Hell!?”
(My guess? Affirmative Action on display!)

(I could have linked to a different, more serious video but I like the humor of this display!)

They’re BOTH morons.

“Thing” is right.

She’s talking about knowingly transmitting HIV through unprotected sex. Which is indeed a virus. And then trying to compare it “a virus” to “a different virus”. She’s just way off on how bad each one is. Untreated Covid patients have a 99%+ survival rate. Untreated HIV patients have a roughly 0% survival rate within a few years.

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Now here is REAL murder, another white kid killed by blacks

5-year white child killed by black convict