Charities Touted By #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Appear Never To Have Existe


Two charities that prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has claimed to have created and has touted publicly were never officially formed, The Daily Caller has learned.

King, who was recently hired as a justice writer at the New York Daily News, began raising money for a group called Justice That’s All last September, just after Michael Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer. He also said in interviews in 2013 that a media company he co-founded, Upfront Media Group, would send a portion of its proceeds to an affiliated nonprofit, the Upfront Foundation.

But an extensive search of state nonprofit registration records, IRS records, and other databases returns no documentation showing that either of those entities were formally created.

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So basically we have another community organizer who lied and just took the money. The whole movement just a sham created with gullible people who are easily led. Phony narratives with claims that criminals were treated unjustly. Criminals held up as saints. Neighborhoods and businesses destroyed and the ever all victim mentality.