Charlie Rangel: 'Millions Of Kids' Being Gunned Down By 'Automatic Military Weapons'


During an appearance on MSNBC this morning, Congressman Charlie Rangel was asked what he thought about the assault weapons ban being dropped from Senate bill.

Rangel blamed the defeat on politics and money and then made the extraordinary claim that “millions of kids” are dying because they are “being shot down by assault weapons.”


Math and reality have never been his strong suits.


Neither has paying taxes.


The man is a publicity addict and the older he gets the more he craves the adulation.


Now if he had said instead, that millions of kids are being murdered in the womb . . .


Those don’t matter because Democrats can’t tax them.


[sarcasm] Millions … automatic … objecting to what Rangel said is just insisting on esoteric distinctions that have no practical significance! [/sarcasm]