Charlottesville, VA riots


Seems to me that the very BEST way to deal with these white supremacist morons is to ignore them. Don’t even acknowledge that they exist and don’t give them the publicity they crave. They are a vanishingly small segment of the population, after all. None of the damage and injuries that occurred today WOULD have without that idiotic “counter-protest.” BLM GAVE them the excuse they needed to fight and drive a car into the “counter-protesters,” simply by showing up and GIVING them the publicity that they wanted. They’ll go home and USE the riots as an excuse to recruit more members. Just ignore them and, believe me, they’ll GO AWAY. The KKK is almost non-existent anyway these days and agitating and rioting for “black rights” or whatever the latest screed happens to be keeps them growing.


We had a clash yesterday between two extremist groups - both of which must be publicly condemned with clear, precise and unequivocal language. Given what took place yesterday, it is impossible to simply ignore the events and the players involved. Trump needed to identify by name the groups involved and strongly condemn those responsible for the mayhem - by name… It is unfortunate that we have a POTUS lacking in the verbal skills to strike the right verbal response. In addition, Trump’s reading his response takes away from the quality of the response and apparent sincerity - even if the words truly are sincere. That said, several politicians from both sides of the aisle are attempting to politicize the situation.

IMHO - one of the main drivers of this level of civil unrest are politicians seeking to make political hay over divisions in this country and media sensationalizing these differences.

Note: How about we allow the police to pro-actively respond whenever “protesters” arrive on the scene of a protest wearing battle-gear, including helmets and body armor. Providing assholes from either side or both sides the streets of America for their venue upon which to wage war - yes, war - is unacceptable. Freedom of expression - even/especially - expression with which one disagrees is at the core of our nation’s values. Using clubs and vehicles as a means of expression is NOT!!


were any of you in Charlottesville yesterday? How about ever been THROUGH IT?? Or even Live within 100 miles of it? or how about this? did you watch aNY of the footage??


This began when Charlottesville decided to change the name of “Lee Park” (RE: Robert E. Lee) to “Emancipation Park.” Then they decided to take down the statue of Robert E. Lee and these white supremacists decided to stage a “protest” of that pending action–90% or so of whom don’t even live in Virginia. The PROPER response would have been to either deny them a permit to “protest” or to deny the BLM/Antifa jerks a permit to “counter-protest”–90% of THEM likely from other states as well. Anyone with a lick of sense could have predicted this would happen with two polar opposite extremist groups in the same area in any sort of organized fashion. The white supremacists are, as I said, a vanishingly small segment of American society and CERTAINLY weren’t responsible for Trump’s election, regardless of what that Dukes moron had to say about it. If the BLM/Antifa cretins had just IGNORED it, none of this would have happened. There would have been no “clashes” between ideologies in the streets and no gathering of “counter-protesters” in the middle of a downtown street TO be run down. In short, it would have been a bunch of loud idiots for a couple of hours who, without the publicity the BLM/Antifa crowd granted them, would have then snuck back to the holes from which they came.


yes…the council decided…not the citizens. the citizens had no say.

these people that came in yesterday, the ones that have been consistently labelled white supremacists/white nationalists/neo Nazis by the media…fox too, were attacked by the leftists which the media failed to correctly identify them as BLM and antifa. The right was attacked not by police but attacked with gas cannisters belonging to the ‘counter protestors’ aKA BLM/Antifa.

remarkably also, the mayor Mike Singer is a democrat naturally and a trump critic and I might add, an ally of McAuliffe gave orders to police to stand down when he saw the counter protestors outnumberd and were weighing down on the duly licensed right wing protestors. What video you saw was the attacks by the left but mostly you saw the right defending themselves from those attacks.

what is even more remarkable is how it all went down just so pat. the mayor, the gov, the police, the national guard. The licensed right wingers, yeah some bussed in, the left as usual bussed in, the synchronized media meme labelling right wingers as nationalists and supremacists and the blm/antifa bussed in group as ‘counter protestors’. the fact the mayor played the 'give the protestors (on the left) time to attack by telling the cops to stand down. All just coming together in a remarkable series of happenstances… how often do you get to see that? democrat town, democrat state, confederate statues and painting all those on the left as trump supporters. The haranguing by the left and all media to require President Trump to denounce the ‘white supremacists’ and now today because he condemned violence on both sides, he is said to be careful of not disturbing his base who have been called just today…ignorant racist rednecks, white supremacists. Do you really think this is all just a coincidence?


we’re being played…and the right wing media is going along with it. Fox DC do you really think fox out of DC is fair and balanced. LOL they’re LEFTISTS. Their coverage yesterday was transparent.

now…for the owner, cause they don’t call him the driver, they make a point of saying owner. Out of ohio… they say he is a registered republican…well so was Rosa Ortega the latina who was sentenced to eight years in prison for voter fraud. Just because you’re registered as repub doesn’t make you one. It might be so that you can vote in the repub primary for obvious reasons if you’re a leftist…do I need to explain that? His licence plate is odd too. Seen it? I saw a photo early on of the driver, right after he rammed the car and started backing up…he had long hair and a necklace on over a black or dark shirt. weird huh?


this isn’t about Charlottesville, it is ultimately about President Trump and impeachment.


and it may be that the whole thing was a well done psyops. I really don’t know at this point…but I do know that there is something wrong with this whole thing.


KKK LOL what we oughta be fearing is NBPP and our government.


This is the guy leading the effort to have General Lee’s statue removed from the park in Charlottesville

Homophobic, sexist, anti-white language abundant in Charlottesville vice mayor’s tweets

> This article contains language some may find offensive. All tweets attributed to Bellamy have been quoted as written.
> Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy published several tweets between 2009 and 2014 using gay slurs, comments against white people, lewd slang for female genitalia and other profanities. Many of the old tweets show a stark contrast between his more recent posts lauding women’s and LGBTQ rights. Bellamy made his Twitter account private this Saturday.
> The tweets surfaced on social media after local blogger Jason Kessler posted criticism of the tweets on Nov. 24. The post led some members of the community to call on Bellamy to leave office.

The Cavalier Daily - :: Homophobic, sexist, anti-white language abundant in Charlottesville vice mayor’s tweets