chat room.


Or sometype of messanger that you can talk to people that are on the site. Limited in function so it does not take away from the forums of course. Or is this a bad idea?


That would be fun!


I have to say that I’ve never been a fan of the idea of live chat on a political website. It gets heated enough in the forums…


Well, you’re the expert. What about a moderator? Would that not work? Just askin’…don’t know anything about chat rooms…especially on political forums.


I think that has been addressed before, and the idea discarded. Of course, with different people, it might be viable.


When I first started on the internet I went to sites like ICQ and others and they drove me nuts. I even have used messenger and I usually had to call the other person to tell him how to use it so I ended up on the phone anyway. I even have a web cam but most of my family do not have high speed internet and the one who did passed away.