Cheaters never win. Thanks GOP for blowing yet another chance to turn America around.


Thanks GOP!

We conservatives told you.

You didn’t listen and ala McCain you lost.

You should have nominated Ron Paul. You could have won with him.

Ron Paul would have reached the disenchanted Obamites.

Great job Cam…great job UNTRugby!


We toooollllddd you!!!
Sincerely, the RO Paulbots.[/SIZE]


None of us know who could have won the election.

I don’t think Dr. Paul could have won the general election because his message is muted by his obvious passion for his beliefs. Its counter intuitive, but when speaking publicly one must be somewhat dispassionate in order for the listener to believe the speaker. Strange but true in real life – Hollywood et al presents it rather differently.


To the GOP from Paul Supporters: see you in four years!




Marco Rubio 2016!


Of course the gloating is absent the fact that ALL of the votes for ALL of the third party candidates would not have given Romney ONE more state…AND the absolute fact that **all of the TEA PARTY/Social Con Senate candidates lost or won in their states by more/less respectively than Romney’s margins in the same state. **
The social conservative path to winning is DEAD. The libertarian path got less than 1% of the national vote and you fringers are gloating about it and calling for victory in 2016. You remain delusional fringers absent any connection with reality or voting trends in the country.


Conservatives will claim it’s because Romney stood for nothing — and that’s true in terms of domestic policy. He reversed himself on every major domestic issue, from health care to abortion and tax policy. But on foreign policy he did stand for something: a huge increase in the military budget in spite of our looming bankruptcy, unconditional support for Israel on each and every issue, and war with Iran. This was the main dividing line between the Ron Paulians and the Romneyites, and the main reason why no endorsement from Paul (the elder) was forthcoming. Given the closeness of the election in several key states, particularly Ohio — the state that put the President over the top — support from Paul’s voters would have made the difference. Ron got over 113,000 votes there in the GOP primary.

And that made all the difference.

Election 2012: Ron Paul’s Revenge! by Justin Raimondo –


Who’s Ron Paul?


Please no.

We need somebody who isn’t pro-war and more concerned about his electoral prospects than the Constitution.


Ron Paul? he’ll show up on his walker. Please Ron paul was a no go from the start and those who worship at his feet are partly responsible for this debacle. I am sick of ron Paul and quickly getting that way with his kid who has even less personality.


lolz you guys are not conservatives!!!

Actually cam looking at the numbers I can tell you that the third party votes could have gotten Romney Florida and perhaps Ohio and Virginia. It’s a sad fact.


well then that’s not Ron Paul lolz…


I guarantee “his kid” will be the only one who genuinely wants to follow the Constitution of the 2016 field.


[quote=“jjf3rd77, post:12, topic:36961”]
well then that’s not Ron Paul lolz…
[/quote]Ron Paul is pro war and cares more about getting elected than the Constitution? Nah.

Rubio is in line with Graham and McCain on foreign policy. His voting record so far, Constitution wise, has been mediocre.


Yes he’s more concerned about getting elected. Or trying to get elected and stealing people’s money and giving them false hopes about his chances. But keep on dreaming…


He would have had a much chance of getting elected if he didn’t vote based on the constitutionality of bills.

He never stole any money. That is a blatant lie.


Cheaters never win? Ron Paul didn’t win, either. And the biggest cheater of all did win.


@ Bigfoot 88, I didn’t know he was pro-war.


Rubio definitely is.

He was a big Libya cheerleader. He also almost got us into a confrontation with Russia over allowing Georgia(the country) into NATO however Rand Paul quickly blocked it until it could be brought up for debate.


Insert Token Non White Neocon Candidate Name Here 2016!