Cheif Justice Roberts Strikes Again


It was announced this morning that the SCOTUS has ruled against allowing the citizenship question to be included on the census questionnaire due to a lack of adequate justification provided by the Trump administration.

The case was decided 5 - 4, with Roberts joining the liberal justices, just as he did in handing down the ruling on Obamacare.

This is a big win for Democrats. Why? Because roughly 7% of those living in the US are people here illegally and House seats, along with district federal fund allocations, are largely apportioned based on census data. That being the case, the presence of 20 million illegals could have a profound influence on US politics/power.

For a party that spent 2 years demanding accountability - read: Trump’s head - for alleged Russian influence in determining the outcome of the 2016 election, Democrats show a profound lack of interest in outside influence in political outcomes when the situation favors their party.

Chief Justice Roberts has struck again.


Yep, the more we see of chief justice Roberts, the more we see that he is the curse that the Bush Family left us. After they lined up behind Hillary in 2016, they exposed their true colors.


“Justification” is subjective. The law and Constitution are objective. We the People elect the president to make subjective decisions when the law and constitution vest him with this power. If the Congress doesn’t like the President’s subjective choices they can, within the bounds of the constitution, change the law. If the Judiciary doesn’t like his subjective decisions they can go pound sand.

It is a sad day when our Supreme Court can not or chooses not to see this logical distinction.

In a word: horse$#!+