Chicago could soon test universal basic income program


That’s just a plain old LIE, AS. I’ve spent the last 40 years working in that very venue all over the U.S. from Indiana to California and almost every State in between. Engineers plan pipeline routes very carefully and it’s extraordinarily expensive to “re-route” one after 99% of the necessary easements have been acquired. Who do you think would BEAR those costs? It would be the people buying that gas, electricity, oil, coal slurry, etc. I have a close friend who’s buying easements in South Texas as this is written. They are being forced to pay over $100 PER FOOT for easements and this pipeline is 200 MILES long. That means that just getting PERMISSION to construct is going to cost consumers BILLIONS that it should never have cost because there is no properties outside of major cities that are worth $100 per lineal foot to use temporarily.


Aquire the whole thing beforehand.

It’s your own fault for not doing that.

Pinning the blame, last minute, on someone you didn’t approach beforehand about this, is complete Bull.

Doing this is crap, and it erodes our rights. Read the article if you want to see what this has actually lead to Dave.

You can’t stand behind it. The abuse is too damn clear.


Are you REALLY this obtuse, AS? We’re talking about people who were fine with the route when they thought they were going to become millionaires at the expense of some oil company. Nobody’s talking about “not approaching” anyone beforehand but YOU.


No, you’ve described people who said “no” no matter what, because as it turns out NIMBY, is a pretty strong feeling people have.

You’re saying the Government has the right to overrule that for a private party.

I say that’s BS. And it is. The record stands to show it. Read the article.


Not always…and WHY using eminent domain is a good idea in some circumstances. It WASN’T in the KELO decision. It usually IS in the cases where some greedy landowner wants to get rich holding up a necessary utility at everyone else’s expense…hence why most ED cases are resolved in FAVOR of the utility company.