Chick-fil-A stands firm during gay clamor, gains support


Baptist Press - Chick-fil-A stands firm during gay clamor, gains support - News with a Christian Perspective

It’s good to see a place of business taking a stand for family values!


There are those who claim homosexuals do not want to destroy family values, this should be a clear example of another effort by the gay community to fight against such values.


Soooooo they want to play 'Chicken" eh?


Beat me to it:fuming:


I was on another board where a gay guy wanted to get the gay members to boycott them over it, but they just said screw that, they’re too delicious to give up.


Chick-fil-A is relatively new to my area but I will definitely make a point to patronize them in the future.

BTW: A “checkers” is going to open in my area, anyone know anything about them ???



Same as a Rally’s. Good burgers, dogs and great fries. You can get anything as sloppy as you want. Anything from plain to “OMG my heart can’t pump due to the cholesterol”. Drive through and walk up outside window only. You will have to try it once at least.


I hate Chick-fil-A anyway. They nearly poisoned me the last time I was there - absolutely horrible in accommodating food allergies.

Anyways, you guys aren’t going to like this. The article claims their corporate purpose is “to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.”

But the only place I found a corporate purpose on their website, they’d cut out the “to glorify God by” part. :rofl: Chick-fil-A: Environmental Stewardship

But seriously, if I were you, I wouldn’t eat there anyway. Just as a warning, they put MSG, flour, artificial colorings, all sorts of preservatives and crap in their chicken… Burger King’s is purer than theirs by a mile.


Not nearly as tasty.


It just always seemed ironic to me that a restaurant branding itself as wholesome and natural would pull that sort of trick. xP


What trick? Compared to Popeye’s. KFC and Bo Jangles, they are wholesome. The only controversial ingredient, to me, is the MSG. Everyone colors and enhances their food. If you want “pure”, you must cook.


I can’t eat at any of those places (and I’ve never heard of Bo Jangles, that must be a southern/eastern place), but they don’t advertise as health food the way Chick-fil-A does…and I think it’s really funny that both Burger King and Wendy’s, which are supposed to be horrible for you, are actually better…

I think there must be quite a lot of MSG in it, because it’s always the second or third ingredient after chicken and sometimes salt. But seriously…just the sheer amount of unpronounceable ingredients in basic foods is enough to give me pause: Chick-fil-A: Menu

Not that I have anything against preservatives and whatever per se; I’m quite interested in food science and I understand a lot of the science behind it, so I’m not afraid of it or anything. There just should not be that much stuff in a simple southwestern salad. There should be chicken, spices, a lettuce mix, veggies, possibly tortilla chips, and a dressing. Unless you’re going to be, like, stuck in the wilderness or something, you don’t need any of that stuff.

Anyway, boycotting this place isn’t an option, as I’m fairly certain the only thing I can eat there is the fries, which aren’t anything special. But I suppose the outcome is the same as if I’d refused to eat there for moral reasons.


Do not eat their fries if you have a peanut allergy. They fry everything in peanut oil.
I agree that food should be more healthy. That is why I grow most of my own fruits and veggies,and buy my meat from local farmers in bulk, i.e half a hog, side of beef, etc. But, I go out so infrequently, I can afford a little poison.:yes:


Bojangles is a Southern thing and I like their food.


Dang it! XD

I don’t mind a bit of chemicals in my food now and then; I just get annoyed by how allergy-unfriendly all these places are. My family travels quite often and I’m constantly having to eat in airports and such places.


Do you realize how expensive it is to keep certain foods on hand for just a handful of people whom they rarely see? I see your side, of course, but, face it, you are a small minority. We’ve got a teenager in our church who is allergic to both dairy products and soy. He’s had problems all his life, and he was 12 before he was ever diagnosed correctly. The doctors usually said there really wasn’t anything wrong. When they finally took him to the “right” doctor, they had the answer in 10 minutes.


That’s the thing - I really don’t need special products. If they would just make stuff the way it’s supposed to be made, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. For example, at Wendy’s and Burger King, I can order their grilled chicken sandwiches without the bun, and it’s perfectly fine. But at McDonald’s, they use gluten as a filler in their chicken. It’s just not necessary.

The worst place I’ve ever been to in this respect is Rainforest Cafe. They put gluten in everything - their meat, their salads, their rice, their french fries. It was ridiculous. None of that naturally has gluten, and it shouldn’t need it.

I was diagnosed with allergies at 12 too. =)


Due to being diabetic, I run into similar issues with various food establishments. My nephew also has a variety of food allergies. So, I do understand your predicament. I have learned to just settle for the stuff on their menus that I can eat and watch everyone else enjoy themselves.

The think that bothers me most asside from sugar/carbs is fried foods. I usually have to get grilled chicked if they have it.

I have nothing against Chick-A-Filet. They have one meal that I can eat–grilled chicked with a side salad. But, that’s the same for many fast food places.

I do avoid patronizing Wendys. Dave THomas, founder of Wendys, was adopted. The Dave Thomas Foundation is anti-family to the point that it promoted adoption as the superior way to create a family. I have nothing against adoption in and of itself. However,Lawyers for the Dave Thomas foundation were instrumental in providing input onto the SAFE Adoption Act of 1997 that made it legal for the family courts to terminate parental rights without ever having to prove the parents unfit which, in turn, makes children available for adoption. The Dave Thomas Foundation supports the UNCONSTITUTIONAL theft of children from their parents to promore adoption as the superior way to create a family. The NAZI Lebensborn had similar beliefs too.


As near as I understand it (Mom knows more, I think), the Dave Thomas Foundation didn’t go family-unfriendly until after his death; if I’m not mistaken, conservative organizations used to (I emphasize this part) consider Wendy’s to be family friendly.


Oh, Please, Their food is just fine for what it is.–Fast Food], you seem to be the one to have a problem with it. Only because the owner of the franchise gives Glory to God. Good for him, why should Christians compromise on their belief’s in business? You don’t like it you don’t go in. Same with the gay crowd. Don’t need their business anyway.