Children in Florida school encouraged to write graffiti on bathroom walls


This is absolutely insane! LINK

”LAKELAND, Fla. — A small group of students at Carlton Palmore Elementary in Lakeland have painted motivational messages on bathroom stalls. The painting project was done with the assistance of their art teacher.”

Now we have teachers in our public schools, encouraging children to deface public property with graffiti called “motivational messages” which apparently justifies the graffiti.

So, it’s ok to write on bathroom walls if the teacher approves of the graffiti message? And what happens when these kids, after being taught to write on bathroom walls, get caught writing their motivational messages on the bathroom walls of a movie theater or other private business. Is this not what they are being taught to do?


The unavoidable truth is, the Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.


When I first saw this on the news [the writings in the bathrooms], it seemed to me to be mindless nonsense and comparable to graffiti. It then dawned on me how this “project” fits into a pattern in government schools where children are taught what to think, and not how to think.

For example, here is an Anti-Trump rant from a human sexuality Professor

And then there is the Sing Praise to Obama, an inspirational message which was taught to innocent children:

Our socialist government schools’ priority is placed on teaching children to feel good regardless of their shortcomings and academic deficiencies, and instead of learning how to think, our children are being told what to think.