Children's aid exec with $90K hotel bill will repay 'some expenses'


Is this kind of waste and abuse of government position rampant in America also? If it was exposed, would that individual be allowed to continue in their employment capacity? There is a reason Ontario is the most indebted jurisdiction in the world.

Children’s aid society executive will reimburse some expenses listed in auditor’s report | Toronto Star

The $90,000 hotel bill included more than $10,000 in “incidentals” such as parking and telephone charges, all paid by the Sudbury society. The auditor noted that leasing a condo would have been considerably cheaper…

The auditor said the expenses lacked documentation that would “support that they were incurred for Society business.”
At some point, Prévost’s $600 monthly car allowance was made part of her executive salary. Yet the auditor found $14,000 in car rental charges were reimbursed to Prévost in the past year. The expense included $1,000 a week for a three-week rental.
“The society could not provide an explanation for incurring such an excessive and extravagant cost for a weekly rental,” the auditor’s report says.


Just another scam.


A scam and abuse of authority, yet, she keeps her job and no police agency charges her with fraud or theft…


And all the way to the bottom, in my home county - a county with a population of about 4000 - a guy was caught messing with other peoples’ emails, and they didn’t dismiss him because they didn’t think they could find a replacement. Should have been dismissed and charged.


In Duvall County, Texas, some years back, the COUNTY JUDGE–known locally as “The Duke of Duvall”–was found to have not one but TWO snow-removal machines “stored” under a bunch of trees on a remote corner of his massive ranch. It should be noted that Duvall County hadn’t had a single snowfall in over 100 YEARS!


lol. I don’t see the connection though Dave. Were these paid for by the public? Why did he have these?


Yes. They were bought with county TAX money–minus a generous kick-back from the supplier to the “judge.”


Was he fired? Repimanded? The fact that he has a fancy name such a “The Duke” suggests there was enough heat brought to him to motivate some response from the powers that be, especially in Texas.

Sadly, in Canada and Ontario specifically; these cases of abuse, theft and fraud are so rampant that it will just be yesterdays news. We have had more than $1 billion of taxpayers money wasted on windmill technology which crashed and burned, an e-health scandal to improve hospital records (similar to HIPPA I suppose), that cost taxpayers over $1 billion with ZERO development. When the province tried to fire the lady overseeing this massive theft she threatened to sue the govt. So she kept her job, didn’t face charges, and contributed nicely to her personal nest egg. I can’t make this up, this happened in Canada…not in some third world despot.

The Ontario Provincial Police, like the RCMP and the Toronto Police Services dare not ever tackle these abuses. This is why Canada had the very worst record of enforcing and charging cases of public bribery; two cases over a 15 year period. Does that breed confidence in the business prospects for those wanting to compete in an honest fashion? I have posted this before, America and France lead the world in enforcing this law, Canada is dead last, second last was England…

The OPP went so far as to have their union create a public commercial telling voters to NOT vote Conservative, instead, they ensured a majority for the provincial Liberals who have quite frankly been serial thieves, with zero charges laid. Do you think the FBI would allow, say, an email scandal to move forward without investigation (a la Clinton)? Well, the OPP did this to the provincial government who deleted emails about multiple billion dollar thefts. No charges. No investigation. The beat is allowed to go on with support from unions and hanger ons. The biggest difference, without a doubt, is the seriousness in which the American authorities take their oath. You don’t operate in a caste system mindset. The FBI operate to protect your constitution and enforce your laws especially when abused by people in positions of power and authority.

I am not anti-government, I believe taxes; even if minimal to support the system, are legitimate. I believe in social programs to give a helping hand to those less fortunate but willing to contribute. What the problem is in Canada is mismanagement, and those who are sworn to protect from abuses and theft are not committed to the hard lifting of enforcing the laws and holding them to account. So much waste, abuse and losses based on “social programs”, or “protecting the public”, “regulations”, “climate change”. A recent report stated that Ontario home owners paid $36 BILLION dollars above market costs for electricity. Who answers for it? No one. We just have to learn to live with less so those who are poor business managers can use the money to run the government, they say.

Oh, and for me voicing an opinion that supports democracy, law and equality before the courts, I can easily be labelled “subversive”. You see, free speech and outrage over theft is only acceptable if we are angry at the local stick up kids stealing cigarettes from the local grocery store, not billion dollar theft by our bureaucrats.


I don’t recall exactly. He was indicted, but I simply don’t recall the final outcome. I know that he’s since died. You need to understand that in Texas the county judge wields enormous power over how the county is run and how its tax income is spent. He’s elected to 4-year terms and most can remain in office as long as they want by doing “favors” for wealthy constituents such as fixing their private roads on their ranches and “negotiating” the purchase of road-working equipment and other supplies with vendors. The system is ripe for corrupt practices and kick-backs. We have 77 counties in Oklahoma and back in the 70’s the feds indicted over 250 county commissioners for corruption and kick-backs…including at least one in the county where I currently live. We’ve sort of cleaned up our system. I’m not certain about Texas’.