I just had me a bowl. Man it was delicious. Just thought I would share.(not the chili):yes:

I love chili. No beans in mine, though…

Nothing like a bowl or two of Chili. Please share the recipe.

No beans, no chili. You can’t have true chili without beans.

If you need beans to make your chili, you’re chili isn’t worth eatin’!!!

That’s the saying down here, anyways.

How hot was this chili?
Beans are good but not a necessity. :slight_smile:

I can’t family secret.

That is to true.

Where are you livin. Beans are a necessity in chili or it is not chili.

Extremely hot n a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 8.5.

False. Many of the award winning chilis are sans beans. Unless it’s some sort of vegetarian chili. I’m in Waco and grew up in East Texas.

That’s not real chili. Real chili has beans. Chili is a tex-mex and originally had beans because cowboys couldn’t carry salted meat with them all the time so they used beans. Chili with meat is chili con carne with just beans it is chili.

Ha you live near alot of my family and are not to far from me. I am just a little ways east of Denton.

Award Winning Chili Recipes - Prize Winning Texas Red Chile Recipe - Esquire

ESQ: Texas chili doesn’t have beans in it, right?

DA: Right.

It follows also, and I agree, that beer is the beverage of choice, and that besides beans, macaroni also has no place in chili.

ESQ: What about macaroni?

DA: Oh, no. You can’t do that. They call that a “foreign object.”

ESQ: What should you drink with chili?

DA: Well, beer usually.

Article - Texas Chili, Beans or No Beans and Food Prejudices

Most often heard here in Texas is “If you know beans about chili, you know chili ain’t got no beans”. It is a near hanging offense to serve up chili with beans in it down here in the Lone Star State, although you can skirt the issue by calling the dish “chili beans”. I have read hundreds of chili recipes and about 75 percent of them call for beans of one kind or another.

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Yes you will find chili in Texas with beans, but it ain’t Texas chili. Or if it is, it is chili con frijoles.

Texas Chili Recipe

Texas chili recipes are defind by thier lack of the use of beans. Meat is the main ingredient followed by chili peppers. If you where to ask a texan where chili was invented they would no doubt tell you that it was invented in San Antonio, in the 1700s but the most likly case is that a ranch cook learned to cook it from a mexican indian. I wouldn’t argue the point with them because we will never know for sure and they might not offer you any of their chili if you make them mad.

That is Texas chili. Not real Chili.

Well, take that Texas flag down then!!! j/k

Whatcha eatin’ non-Texas chili fer?

Also, if you go to chili cook-offs, don’t voice that opinion too loudly…

NEVER!!! lol

Cause it is a family recipe. And I am Mexican. Kinda have a dislike for Texan Chili.

This is Texas and I am a Texan I will say it loud and say it proud.

Kinda like the New York picante sauce…

Beans in yer chili?!?!

getta rope!!!

No such thing it is a myth.

Them fightin words right there…:machinegu:cowboy:…bring it on. I will go John Wayne on ya.

Awww, you didn’t havta go nucular and bring up tha Duke!

My apologies miss. I tend ta get alittle up in arms. But it coul.:cool: