Chill Story

So I knew this ultra wealthy lady we this thing this intellectual sparring thing right. I was a broke anarcho-marxist about 25 and she was a county head lead of education in a very wealthy county. She had a brand new 2012 BMW 2 of them a lions head fountain in her pool. Everything I was with her daughter ya know I was with her daughter physically right but with her mother emotionally. One day I was in my basement and a huge slab hit me on the head I mean this thing was 300 lbs. I got a concussion and I slept it off like an idiot. I went over then and I explained what happened earlier. I said “I felt the darkness coming in as the slab hit me”. The woman asked do you think it was occult. I’m like bleeding or the actual occult. Then she laughed I think it doesn’t matter because you have already overanalyzed both options. I was so irreligious at the time she jokingly called me Aldous Huxley. Earlier when ya know a third party was looking at hiring me for a rather large job. I messed it up because I told the truth. They asked me who I admired most and I’m Aldous Huxley he called in 1931. She had access to that interview because the interview was a contractor to the OAISD.

Aldous Huxley, Paul Tillich, Sartre, Meister Eckhart, Russel Kick and Jason Pargin probably inspired most of my thought in the sense of literature.