China poised to top U.S. as top oil buyer


China appears to be at a tipping point where surging domestic auto sales will soon drive it past the U.S. and turn it into the world’s biggest oil importer, taking a title that distinguished — and some might say hobbled — the U.S. for decades.
China already has drawn even with the U.S. on oil imports, with both nations reporting net imports of 6 million barrels a day of crude in December, according to the latest [[FONT=inherit][COLOR=#009900][FONT=inherit]data

[/FONT]]( from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

“The trend of falling U.S. oil imports and rising Chinese oil demand is moving China closer to passing the United States,” said agency head Adam Sieminski, who recently has been closely chronicling China’s remarkable rise in world energy markets.

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As Obama continues his assault on American oil companies, This nation will experience a drive up on cost to drive and we will feel its effects through out the whole spectrum with the rising cost of costs and services in general.[With China demanding more oil this means that the suppliers have to either increase their supply or ration it among more willing buyers which will drive up the cost to the world. This in turn will effect economies.

Obama claims he is working to improve our economy but the fact is he is the driving force behind destroying it with agencies of Washington implementing rules, program,and other things to undermine improving our state of health.](