China population to halve by 2050

Still a crap ton of people. Way more than they need for the amount of land. Clean water is becoming an issue there that should help.

The real problem is that the Chinese government created a demographic bomb. They’re trying to defuse it by going from a one-child policy to a two- and now three-child policy, but it’s too late; they’ve got a mess of their own making.

China’s population density is quite low; the Isle of Man has more people per sq kilometer.

Equally, here’s the thing about population control; you almost never shave off parts of all generations proportionally.

You just take it all off the upcoming generation. Which means you’ve now created inverted family trees, and a generation too small to be your working class, or support your seniors, or keep consumption high enough for your economy to keep going.

As soon as the older generations retire, it’s a complete catastrophe, and you won’t be able to solve it for 20-30 years at the soonest.

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Phillip Morris admitted to being a form of population control they sent a big write up to the Swiss government how not only their taxes funded their coffers but the fact people died sooner put less strain on their national health care system. I’m happy if China is managing to damage itself. I’m happy if the GOP is damaging itself. So this is a no Brainer China loses I win simple as that. Still think they have way too many people.

Reminds me of Greece.

Reminds me of me. I don’t think I’ve paid taxes before I had son I always filled 1099 my expensive (business credit) always exceeded income. My two bankruptcies alone netted me 50k. Michigan refunds a portion of property taxes. So I pay what 1600 800 comes in rebates so those are property taxes and 6% in sales tax 300 in car registration, and during the untaxed internet era maybe 2.4% sales tax. When I smoked I always imported from Ukraine essentially cutting the retail cost in half. My neighbor once remarked how do you have a Volvo and food stamps. I’m like bank loan at 2.5% over ten years, and insurance on the car if the car becomes totaled or inoperable before the loan. I think the insurance premium is 33 so its like paying 3.9% interest. What I’m saying make sure your cousin is the loan commissioner at the local credit union.