Chinese Red Tea ???

OK. I have been wondering what kind of tea is served in Chinese restaurants. It is red in color and very mild and delicious.

I have been searching for years with no luck. When I try to ask the people at the Chinese restaurant, I either do not understand them or they are purposely not telling me.

Anyone have any idea ???

The only red tea I have found is “African” ???


I loves my tea…

It’s a type of tea called Congou.

Looks for tea packages that have Keemun, Pinguey, and Nilgiri on them and you’ll hit the mark.

The absolute best tea i have ever had is called ‘Two leaves and a bud’. There is actually two leaves and a bud in every tea bag. You can find it online. I love the jasmine. It’s my favorite. They may have a red I don’t know

Do you find it in Oriental markets?

This is a good place to start. Since I work near Little Tokyo, I have a place that sells tons of imported tea from the east. You might want to shop around a few of the markets and get some help from the employees. I’ve noticed most Oriental markets tend to be family owned and the employee’s very nice and helpful.

Here ya go…

Some reading material when you drink your red tea…

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I’m not a big tea drinker but the Chinese tea really appeals to me. One question, I usually drink tea (when I do drink it) using a single serving tea bag. The tea you suggested seem to come only in “loose” bulk packaging. How do you prepare this type tea???


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Speaking of tea and how you brew it, have any of you tried this? I’m thinking about getting it for in my office: Zarafina Tea Maker Suite with Ceramic Tea Pots, Cups, and Serving Tray: Zarafina: Home & Garden

You can get “infusers,” a big one on a chain for a full pot, or a small teaspoon shaped one. I’ve never actually seen the latter, but I’ve seen them advertised in novelty catalogs.

Or you can go the oldschool way. Teaball from your local supermarket, and heat water on the stove. :smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Good idea. You may want to check if there are any ‘ethnic’ markets in your area

Oh, there is another that I missed but a lot of them serve. Jasmine is the name.