Chris Christie’s Reelection Campaign Receives ‘Unprecedented’ Financial Support


The reelection campaign for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is receiving “unprecedented” support when it comes to raising funds.
The “Chris Christie For Governor” Monday filed nearly $6.2 million in funds raised from an unprecedented 14,260 contributors.
Christie announced his re-election bid in November of last year and the primary is June 4th.

Chris Christie
I just have to believe that the democrats are providing funding for him as well.


Oh of course they are. Other than some gov’t union folks, dems love him. Not much difference between R’s and D’s up there in many cases. Christie is anti gun, and that’s good enough for lots of folks.

Personally, I hope his political career chokes on a turkey leg.


It’s New Jersey. If you can find more then a handful Pro-Gun rights folks there or in New York please tell me I’ve been looking for years.