Chris Christie Unveils Sweeping Gun Control Plans


Chris Christie Unveils Sweeping Gun Control Plans

New Jersey has the second toughest gun laws in the country. The first facet of Christie’s plan seeks to make them even stricter. This includes banning future purchases of the Barrett .50 Caliber; strengthening the state’s existing background check requirement by mandating that mental health records are included in the instant background check process at the time of a firearm purchase; and requiring firearms purchasers to present a valid government photo ID, along with the already mandatory Firearms Purchaser Identification Card.


Well, then by golly, let’s make HIM our next presidential nominee!


Hey, New Jersey wanted him, New Jersey got him. and now New Jersey will be unarmed. Crime capital of the north east— just the way gangland wanted it.


I wouldn’t doubt it.


Guns or no guns it doesnt matter, Arizona the least restrictive gun state has just as many (actually a little more) gun murders per capita as New Jersey. Christie is banning guns just to ban them for praise from the left. I hope one day we start addressing the disease and not the symptoms.


What Christie proposes sounds entirely reasonable.


Of course it does.


[quote=“Jazzhead, post:6, topic:39137”]
What Christie proposes sounds entirely reasonable.


Christy is a bully and he will control. Like the New Jersey mafia of old that I remember when I lived in Trenton 40 years ago


New Jersey is a lot better off because of Christie than they OTHERWISE would be.
WE … on the other hand would NOT be.
He should stay in New Jersey and eat as much as he wants…but even though donuts can kill…I don’t see any laws being passed there.


As Ron Paul once said to a control freak: “Why don’t we put you on a diet, your a little overweight!”


Why do people stay in this country when they believe so whole heartedly with the mindsets of other countries.

How many Barrett .50 cal rifles are ever used in a crime? Has there ever been even one? Doubtful.
So why is it a good idea to ban them? I mean other than being attractive to the Looney left.