Christian NY Farm Owners Fined $13K for Refusing Same-Sex Wedding


A Christian couple who owns a farm in upstate New York has been fined $10,000 and ordered to pay two women $1,500 each for refusing to hold a same-sex wedding on their property in 2012.

New York State Administrative Law Judge Migdalia Pares ruled this week that the Liberty Ridge Farm near Albany, which is owned by Cynthia and Robert Gifford and is their home, was a place of public accommodation and subject to the anti-discrimination provisions of the state’s Human Rights Law.

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So now businesses no longer have the right to refuse to do things they do not want. Those gays could have hooked up by a judge but they choose to do what we see so often and that is to make a mockery of justice and the vows of marriage and spit on the beliefs of others.


The farm owners were most likely targeted by these homosexuals.


The Alliance Defending Freedom has been helping the owners with this case and are considering an appeal.


Why do people think they can operate a business by following only the laws they want to follow? They broke the law and now people are defending them?


I believe that is probably correct. That tactic has been proven to be true before in other cases.
And, that tactic proves that these people seek more than just “rights”, they seek to destroy all who still hold to traditional values, whether it be institutions like churches, businesses, or individuals.