Christiane Amanpour to Host Series on History of Israel


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Next on ABC news will probably be a Skin Head doing an in depth study into Black History.

In an affront to religious Jews and religious Christians everywhere, ABC News has chosen vehemently anti-Israel and anti-Christian journalist Christiane Amanpour to host a two-part primetime special about the history of the land of Israel that will air December 21 and 28. According to ABC, “Back to the Beginning” will feature Amanpour, who will “explore the powerful stories from Genesis to the Birth of Jesus.” Claiming she will use “the Old Testament as a guidebook,” ABC intones that the show will “peel back the layers of history and faith that has inspired billions.”

To have a woman who has trashed both the Jews of Israel and the Christians of the West – while simultaneously covering for Islamic terrorists – give her perspective on the Holy Land is insulting and offensive. As reported here, Amanpour trashed Christians in a series she created called God’s Warriors:

Christiane Amanpour to Host Series on History of Israel


I’m sure that will be an unbiased view


I’m sure that this post was sarcastic. LOL!


I share others’ low expectations of whatever product Amanpour broadcasts, but she may unintentionally make many Arab Palis very unhappy. The current line among such Arab Palis is that the Jews were never in what is now Israel, and thus the Jews have no historical claim at all to the land. How Amanpour can speak at all of the history of the Jewish people without explicitly acknowledging their 13-15 centuries’ presence as a majority people group in the land, I can’t see. So she may run afoul of current Arab Pali propaganda, thereby succeeding in angering Jews, Christians and Arab Palis alike.

To be honest, the prospect of that happening amuses me some.


Good take, Pete. However, to add to it, I have low expectations of whatever the History Channel puts out.
(Realize I’m not alone in that.)


Our expectations of this reporter are very low. However, this is produced by ABC and not the History Channel.


I thought she was fired. I guess they just replaced her on This Week.

My guess is she is as high up as she is(was) because of her race. She doesn’t impress me.