Christie reportedly expected to end 2016 bid...Fiorina is out


Christie reportedly expected to end 2016 bid | Fox News

As I suggested last night, Christie is apparently out per sources, Fiorina has also officially backed out. I hope Carly helps as a member of the party, even if not running as a candidate as she represents female success that she earned by working from the very bottom of HP to the CEO.

The Democrats, Bush, Cruz and Trump thank Christie for his attack on Rubio. Rubio was responsible for his own robotic response, but Christie attacked him with some form of desperate vengeance. I am predicting a big rebound by Rubio.

So two more down. As long as so many remain in the race the anti-Trump, Conservative and/or Establishment vote is split and Trump will continue his onslaught. I was happily surprised to see that there still is a very long way to go. Apparently GOP need 1200 delegates to win the nomination, Trump is leading with less than 20.

Carson next? Kasich out after South Carolina?


Yep, I’ve seen this. This makes me happy.


I don’t really feel like any of these people make a major impact on the race. Adding up their total support(Huckabee, Santorum, Paul, Christie, Fiorina), it totals to about %10, and they split pretty evenly to remaining field. Of the %10 it disburses something like:
+3 Cruz
+2 Rubio
+2 Trump
+1 Carson
+1 Bush
+1 Kasich

So basically, no real change.


Its the process of whittling this down to a short list. Once it gets to a heads up for instance, this will confirm or disprove if he is still the runaway favourite. Remember, NH is a very liberal state and there are Democrats who could impact the winner.

If Sanders pulls a major upset; something I strongly doubt will happen, this will result in Bloomberg entering as an Independent in a desperate attempt. he would split the far left votes, even Trump in his unsophisticated political knowledge welcomes this potential development.

I want to see Rubio win. if it’s Rubio/Trump or Rubio/Cruz it could be interesting for Trump. No other candidate contrasts more with Trump than Cruz, and he can attack without sounding too excessively mean.


Trump/Cruz is the only outcome, unless something really, really weird happens. After SC, it sure sounds like Bush, Rubio and Kasich all intend to forge ahead. That’s pretty major. None of them are strong enough to emerge as the leading traditional candidate. Once Super Tuesday is over, it’s just too late for any of them to catch up.

Trump and Cruz will be racking up the bulk of the delegates, while everyone else is fighting for scraps. By the time there’s only one left(I would agree with you that it’s probably Rubio), it’s too late. Even if he somehow floats his way up to %40(which seems very unlikely since everyone knows he can’t win anymore)… he won’t win. Because they’ll already have so many delegates on him.

Cruz can do it. He’s got the base support, and a good infrastructure. Most importantly, he’s not splitting his natural base with anyone other than a little bit with Trump(but that cuts both ways). I don’t see how the others pull it off.


Funny. Everybody wanted Christie in 2006 when Romney was seeming weak, and now he gets the boot. Remember how everyone pushed him into speaking at the Reagan library and were begging him to run? Ahh what a fickle people.


I don’t recall ever wanting Christie.


Millions did. I remember it vividly.


Laura Ingraham had a great take on this: She thinks Christie threw himself on the Rubio grenade knowing ahead of time he was getting out and making sure he took the establishment with him. - - i.e., he took one for the team.


His Bromance with Obozo, hugging him and all that, changed public perception of Christie. He’s damaged goods.


Yep, I think you’re right. Ironically, he did not actually hug Obama, but that is the folk lore that has replaced reality.


Whether or not Christi chummied up to King Obama is irrelevant. Christi was looking for Federal assistance and Obama is well known for backstabbing. Christi had to keep the butter on the bread. I see nothing wrong with that. Now as for his governorship, New Jersey has been a liberal bastion and Mafia home for decades. Theor cost of living is a sight closer to California than is comfortable. Christi has done an admirable job of threading the conservative needle in that liberal state.
I was not a fan of Christi running for President because he IS establishment Republican, and right now that is not what we need.