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Hot Air posted this video of Chris Christie this AM… and asked "Can You Imagine Mitt or ANY other Republican Doing This Nearly as Well? "
As a MittWitt…I accepted the challenge and admit defeat. No one can be a man of the people like Christie.

I’m NOT a fan of his politics or some of his stunts and he won’t be getting my vote in any primary (that I can forsee!) but as the Repub Governor of a deep blue state who has a 74% approval rating AND who has done many things to put his state back on track to sanity…you have to admire his skills and hope that decisions like CPAC’s decision to not let him speak don’t drive him from the party.
We need a big tent. We need him on OUR side even if he is often not doing what we’d like. We wouldn’t want to run against him with more conservative candidates.
Anyway…here’s the video. I dare you not to smile!!


There is not a tent big enough for Christie to fit in, literally. He blatantly lied about the “good job” Obama was doing in the wake of Sandy in order to curry favor with the democrats. I do not have to admire that, I loathe that. Christie wrote himself out of CPAC, notice how Romney still got invited. It clearly has nothing to do with his moderate politics and everything to do with his backstabbing.


Agreed. I’d back Ron Paul before I’d back Chris-py Kreme Christy


I knew you would come around!


If he had won the primary, I’d have voted for him then. Just out of the picks, he was my last choice, after Romnulus, but I didn’t like Romnulus much either.


The fact that we have disagreement regarding Christie, Rand Paul, Rubio, Jindal, etc. I view as healthy. We are a LOOOOONG way from 2016 - lots of battles to fight and likely lose, between now and then. Christie leaves something to be desired for me with respect to some of his statements and policies - however, it is undeniable that overall he has moved New Jersey in the right direction on several fronts. You have to admit, the guy is LIKEABLE. Likeability appears to count for a great deal in politics these days. For example, take Obama (please) - polls reveal that the electorate view him favorably on a personal level, while the same polls reveal that a majority of the electorate find fault with his policies. So, what happens? The electorate “likes” him on a personal level and he gets reelected despite one policy failure after another. I can’t stand the SOB BECAUSE of his miserable policies - but, obviously I’m in the minority - and that’s just the way it is. Like it or not, Christie has gravitas, charisma - even when performing in front of the far left audience of New Jersey.

Frankly - and I know I sound like a broken record - but by 2016 I’m not convinced it will make much difference who runs or who wins. The country selected the wrong guy at the wrong time with the country headed too fast in the wrong direction with neither party really interested in changing course, only changing the speed at which we arrive at the ultimate destination. Neither Christie, Rubio, Paul or any other Repub can do much more as POTUS than slow down the big government/anti-capitalism train - not without complete control of Congress - both the House and a filibuster-proof Senate and the WILL to make a real course correction - and folks, the chances of that happening before “the clock runs out” is slight. IMHO.

The only thing “shovel ready” about this ass clown’s administration has been the unwavering willingness to dig the hole faster and deeper. I sense there is a depth of fiscal and foreign policy failure below which there is little chance to dig our way out. I just don’t know where that depth is or how soon we will reach it.

In the meantime, I for one will continue to vote for the most conservative candidate that I think can win. Even if that means we “tread water” for a while until the opportunity to stear a different course comes along. In my view, anything else is political suicide.


Christie will no doubt be the Establishment GOP’s next “Chosen Liberal”.
Christie will be portrayed as “The only electable Republican”.
Christie will be portrayed as "About as Conservative as America can stomach"
Christie will be vicious and unrelenting in the Primary against the Conservative candidates, the Coulter/Will/Stein peanut gallery will help him demonize all the Conservative options.
Then in the General Christie will refuse to criticize the Demoncrat with the natural fervor that He joyfully bashed Conservatives with in the Primary.

Then Christie will lose, and the fault will be laid at Conservatives feet even though all of this writing is on the wall for anyone who cares to take off the GOP “rose colored glasses” for a couple days and see how the GOP always operates.

This story is so old its boring, can’t wait to read all the great “polling data” that is cited by the Establishment GOP Liberals that will “prove” that this tactic will defy history and win this time.


Chris Christie is one of few Republicans I’d vote for. He is capable of working with Democrats, is clearly good at garnering support, and is a tough-as-nails self made man. People who are rational enough to stop trying to out-conservative one another back to 1845 would see this…


That is a big count against him. That’s the biggest problem with most of the Republicans - they are “capable of working with Democrats” - translation - they will bow down to them every time.


[quote=“Susanna, post:9, topic:38458”]
That is a big count against him. That’s the biggest problem with most of the Republicans - they are “capable of working with Democrats” - translation - they will bow down to them every time.


That is why I left the Party, I am tired of supporting the Extreme Left by proxy.


“I am a Democrat who will bend over backwards to work with Republicans across the aisle to get this country working again!”

Yeah, you hear that all the time, I bet?


Christie is a publicity and attention hound and an all around bully. He is the kind of person who, as a kid, I’ll bet, bullied all the other kids on the playground. That may play in New Jersey but it quickly turns sour on the nationwide scene. He is as pragmatic and at the same time unprincipled in his politics. He bullies audiences, the press [ which could be a good thing] the state congress, and anybody else who disagrees with him. And, I note, just where is the Jersey Coast regarding the hurricane repair work? not much further along than Long Island. For all his bluster much of the coast is still devastated .