Christmas Cookies


I thought there was a Christmas Cookie thread but I could not find it.

So, what unusual Christmas Cookies do you (or in case of men your wife) make.

My wife makes what she calls “ribbon cookies” that are thin strips which she “ties” into a bow then deep fries.

She used to make what she calls “molasses cookies” or she calls them an Italian name that sounds sexual. :embarrese:awkward: This year her hands are very painful because of the unusual cold so she did not make them.

They are small balls of dough (made with whiskey) that she rolls over an old fashioned glass wash board to get ridges in them, then deep fries and dips in molasses. Very sticky but oh so good.

The third one is “Pizzelle” that require a special iron with designs in them. She uses the bigger 6 inch cookie iron. (they are so good I eat the “over-run crumbs” -the part that oozes out of the iron) :whistle:



I’m happy if I get chocolate chip cookies…


I don’t do any that are specifically a Christmas variety. One’s just a run-of-the-mill standard chocolate chip, and the other is a spiced drop cookie made with cinnamon, nutmeg, ground clove, allspice, with raisins and English walnuts.


My wife makes these cookies she calls “Snicker Doodles”, they are made like a thin cake in a pan (sorta like brownies) that you cut out when they are done. They have homemade jam and oatmeal as part of the recipe I think.

She makes the standard Peanut Butter and chocolate chip Cookies as well, also those Rice Crispy Treats.

Then she has a great sugar cookie recipe that she uses to make the creative shaped cookies. We get Christmas trees, gingerbread men, snowflakes, ornaments and a bunch of other shapes that she then custom decorates with colored frosting and other edible elements.

We have some great cookies this time of year.


I forgot one cookie, lekvar cookies.

My wife rolls out a thin layer of cookie dough, puts “prune pastry filling” mixed with chocolate chips on it then rolls it up like a jelly roll, clamping the ends so the filling doesn’t come out while baking, bakes it, then when cooled, slices it like a jelly roll.

Prune filling may sound weird (it did to me first time) but it really tastes good with the chocolate mixed in.



Ben and Jerry’s makes a snicker doodle flavor. Damn good ice cream!


Sounds different from the snicker doodles I learned. Mine are basically a vanilla cookie where you form the dough into balls and roll it in cinnamon and sugar before baking.

I’ve done the rice crispy treats this year, with M&Ms. I’ve got one more batch of those to make and I’m done. Fortunately, they’re easy.


I was going to make some molasses ginger cookies, but I think I’ll hold off for now. I still have to make a pie and cranberry relish, as well as turkey & fixin’s.


My dad makes cookies and he’s a man…we don’t really do Christmas cookies, though. Sometimes my mom will run out and buy some sugar cookies for us kids to decorate, but because of my allergies I can’t do that anymore. My dad’s fond of making pecan pie, though. And my mom’ll help him out with pumpkin pie, since he doesn’t actually like it.


Pecan Pie that I’ve had is so rich it almost makes my teeth hurt, but it is good. :banana:



My wife makes another cookie that she calls Anisette Cookies. They look much like biscotti, but are softer.



I used to do a lot of cookie baking. I still did a fair amount for Christmas this year. I don’t do anything specifically Christmas, although a year or two, I did vanilla cookies with red and green frosting, and I wrote BAH, HUMBUG! on them…:awkward:

I’ve also been doing rice crispie treats. I started doing them for a cousin who’s allergic to gluten, and I find that they’re so easy. I can do a batch in 20 minutes. I’ve been doing them with M&Ms.

I like a good pecan pie. Although I’ve met few varieties of pie that I didn’t (mincemeat being being the only one I can think of off the top of my head)…

  1. You must have really small handwriting. :awkward:
  2. I just went and looked and we don’t have any Rice Krispies cereal. :sad: Oh well…hey, I didn’t check the garage…