Christmas in Hollywood:


Recently there has been a startling trend in the downplay of the TRUE meaning of Christmas in our culture. While everyone knows that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ for Christians, some people would like to be all inclusive and say, that Christmas is about family…

I ask you to consider the following trends I see this year:
[]Lack of the religious connection to Christmas in most television shows that dare do a Christmas episode with their respective characters
]This excludes the actual Christmas shows and when was the last time one of them was made?
[]No Christmas movies in theaters (though we do have a nice one about the killing of Bin Laden coming out)
]No New **ORIGINAL **Christmas Songs
[/LIST]Now why do Christmas episodes for TV if they are going to leave out the religious aspect of it because it may be offensive? It’s offensive to us who celebrate it and understand what the true meaning of Christmas is.


Recently? This has been going on for decades. The Government has been slowly removing God from our culture and stepping up in his place for 100 years.

The real trilogy is not the Lord of the Rings, but the one about the Lord himself. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. In Biblical terms it is the triangle that supports Church. The same applies to the family unit too. Without the father in the family unit, the son is lost without the guiding hand(I am in no way saying a Mother can not fill the roll if need be due to circumstances beyond our control). To many fathers today want the fun of making a family without the actual work of Making A Family Work. Instead of looking to God to guide them through the process, the onus is left to the Government to guide the family once the father leaves the unit. Today’s Government though can not allow any “randomness” to the process of raising a child, which excludes a God having any control.

If, for some reason the father is removed from the family unit, the “ghost” of the father must be there to guide the child’s actions. “What would Dad do” is all to obvious today, run away. The child is raised to let others provide for them and give them direction. And, to keep the playing field level, the Government and the Society raised by the Government can not allow one to have more than another, God must be removed as a guiding hand from that child’s life.

Look for yourself. Check out the slow decline in church attendance and the growth in single family households, the debt because of mandatory spending on social programs, crime, abortions and the removal of references to God from entertainment(IE: Christmas specials). There is a direct correlation.


There’s at least 10 Christmas themed movies in the works and coming out. Its a Wonderful Movie: 10 New Christmas Movies


I was in hollywood for a week at one time to be on TV. I hope I never step foot there again.
It is a culture of moral relativity that is spreading its chaotic message to our youth.


Very eloquently put Tperkins, and sadly so true :frowning:


How is the government causing this? Isn’t it possible people are becoming less religious on their own? The government has not mandated or supported any religion, at least in the past century. Religion is a family and social value, not a political one, and it is the family and society that is becoming less religious on their own. They don’t need help from the government.


Lets start with prayer in school and the removal of the Ten Commandments from court houses. We can expand from there.


You can still pray in school, teachers just don’t lead you in prayer. My public school in Georgia always had a moment of silence in the morning after announcements, and my private school led a prayer for a girl’s father in the hospital. There’s not some agenda against prayer in school, despite what people say. Students can still pray.

As for the removal of the ten commandments, well, yeah, why do they belong in a court house anyway? Almost all of them are religious in nature (“I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” etc, etc). Further, it’s an endorsement of the Christian religion in a government building of law. If you can’t see how that is “supporting an establishment of religion”, then whatever. There is a separation of church and state in this country, which is why the ten commandments aren’t displayed in courthouses. Which isn’t even necessarily true. In some cases they remain because the display is in some way traditional, much the same way that “In God We Trust” is still displayed on money, and was held up in court as traditional.

This is just Christians who like to cry that they are being persecuted, while meanwhile they are the most populous religion in the country, with almost all of our elected representatives being Christian, who have free reign to worship as they please or spread the word as they please. But then they cry out foul play when they can’t display their religion in a public building? Or lead students, who may not be their religion, in prayer against their will? Please.


You were in one of the few schools that allowed such things. The private status of it allowed the “transgression” from policy.

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As to the removal of the Ten Commandments, yes, we must remove the basis for our laws from sight.

How about this little gem. Veterans Affairs Bans Mention of God at Funerals for Vets – HOUSTON, June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ –


My point is I think most schools allow individual prayer. It is the few schools that illegally restrict it that get media attention.

Oh my, I hope you’re joking. Which laws of ours are taken from the ten commandments? I forgot when we started legislating that all must worship God.


Do some research on school prayer. You will find it’s the rule, not the exception.

Oh I don’t know, maybe murder and theft for two. The warnings about envy and adultery can be linked to many, many other laws if you boil them down to the reason they exist.


I did. And all the issues were on mandated prayer, not on individual prayer. If you find some school restricting individual prayer in school, I’ll look at that, but it seems to be very far from “the rule”.

I hope you aren’t so delusional to think murder and theft are exclusive to Christian morality. We make murder and theft illegal because we don’t want people killing each other and taking people’s stuff, not because it’s in the ten commandments. And adultery isn’t illegal, and neither is “envy”. In fact, the free market relies on envy, or at least greed. The desire for more money or what others have drives markets and the economy. “Envy” is far from illegal. The Puritans tried that by regulating prices, and it didn’t work. Mercantilism conquered over their religious convictions.

Plus, you ignore the first, second, third, and fourth commandments, all of which are religious in nature, and which we have laws established by our founding fathers directly contradictory to. I’ll leave out the others that aren’t laws, but the 10 commandments are a religious scripture, not a legal code, and there is nothing in our laws stemming from them at all. Our laws directly prohibit such a thing from happening.


I dont think you know what the ten commandments are


We have laws for the 3rd and 4th commandments, profanity laws and blue laws.


I’m going outside for a minute to shout GDI and maybe do some gardening or school work this Sunday. How long until the police come?

It’s a religious scripture. It is not a basis for any legal code in this country. That’s what theocracies are for.


Do some research on how the Constitution was written and check into the Founders. The popular belief that they were Deists is false.


“I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

How would that not require legislating a state religion?


There’s nothing that says a state can not have a religion it prefers. There is however a little thing in the Constitution that says the Feds can’t.


So why are blue laws made then?


Most blue laws have been repealed and declared unconstitutional, or are simply unenforced. If you’re referring to the Sabbath day, it certainly isn’t legislated to the standards of the Bible, which calls for strict guidelines on the Sabbath. We don’t legally observe the Sabbath in this country. At most you can call it traditional to not work on Sunday, but you’re not going to go to jail for working.