Christmas tree at Fox Square engulfed in flames

The Christmas tree at Fox Square in New York City was engulfed in flames just after midnight Wednesday.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and put out the blaze, Fox News host Shannon Bream reported on her show Fox News @ Night.

Fox Christmas tree arson suspect released without bail

The arsonist who allegedly torched the Fox News Christmas tree was freed after his arraignment Wednesday night because his charges were not eligible for bail under new liberal reform laws.

New York (state). It was just this year (I think) that they screwed up their criminal justice system in regard to bail.

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Yep, the guy is free without bail. Maybe he can go after the tree Rockefeller Center next. He would get more publicity, and the far left will adore him.

Thanks to that Xmas show

This is a real a–h— move, but it’s a non-violent crime. Every time you put bail on a non-violent crime you’re offering Violent Criminals a ticket out. I was in jail for assault I’d pray a big drug bust would take place and overcrowding would result in an early release it happened 4 out of 6 times.

This has given you something you had been claiming for years a war on Christmas, looks like he fired the first shot it validated all those claims that were taken as jokes before. He’s a useful idiot for your cause to show cause for the war on western tradition. I would never yield an inch in the war on Christmas until I saw this, it was blatantly political Fox News + Christmas Tree + War on Christmas.

So how’s that type of thinking working out for California?
Yep, breaking and entering to loot is non violent and only cost thousands!
I’d advise you to go and look up the “broken window” campaign that Rudy Giuliani used to clean up New York’s crime infested city after years of democrat rule!

Haven’t some guards been killed during these smash and grab incidents? If so, I don’t see them as “non violent.”

Lori Lightfoot, the Chicago mayor, has blamed the retailers for no beefing up their security. That’s rich. If you beef up the security and one of these thugs gets hurt, they’ll claim “police brutality.” If you let them do what they want, it’s the store’s fault. Either way, Lightfoot ends up siding with the criminals.

At one time she admonished looters for hitting up posh stores in the silk stocking district of Chicago. Now, she can’t ever do that. Anyone who votes for this ridiculous woman for any public office is an idiot. She an AOC are soulmates.

So that would be a violent crime. Democrats are their own worst enemy they brought 90% of society in the bay area to luxury living, left 10% behind and now they live on crime, and crime alone. It’s funny states that are 37% + Trump are equally poor like West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi.

How do you offer a job to an illiterate man who’s whole life has been one huge smash and grab?
I’m kind of old school on crime and punishment if it’s that bad, you kind of liquidate the person.
If it’s not systemic if they can learn you give them a beat down. I think prisons take small time mistakes and turn them into careers.

We need new methods and I don’t know why shock therapy is like cruel and unusual. Michigan said it has to be both cruel AND unusual so if it was more common it wouldn’t matter. Shock treatment ya know pavlovian conditioning. When they got me in Juvy young and fresh they conditioned me out of it really quick but it had the side effect of resenting police.

It is an attack on Religion: Christianity and the Birth of Jesus Christ.

According to the Left if the tree had been Mosque instead it would have been the hate crime of the century and right now fascist FBI thugs would be breaking down the door of every Trump supporter.