Christwire 1, Maddow 0


Rachel Maddow proves once again that it’s OK for a lefty to make accusations with out checking sources. She fell into this hook, line and sinker. The original “story” is linked in the excerpt.

What the Liberal Media Can Learn From Rachel Maddow’s Christwire Scandal

February 1, 2011 by [URL=“”]Stephenson Billings

MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow lit up the conservative blogosphere Monday night with an unprecedented attack on Christian journalism in America today. In the middle of a discussion about the Egyptian crisis, she shocked many with a surprisingly vicious assault on Sarah Palin and her grassroots supporters across the country. It was the height of unabashed media bigotry and this liberal icon’s career may very well suffer from the repercussions already stirring around the globe.

At the heart of Ms. Maddow’s tirade was a simplistic and mocking attempt to understand an investigative article by this reporter entitled, “As Egypt Descends in Chaos, Should Sarah Palin Support a US-Led Invasion?” In that piece, the growing consensus that the insurgencies in North Africa presage a rise in Islamic fundamentalism was detailed. This is an issue that politicians like Governor Palin desperately need to address. We may very well be facing the gravest security threat to American primacy since September 11th.

What the Liberal Media Can Learn From Rachel Maddow’s Christwire Scandal | ChristWire


Uhg. Her.

Her name instills rage in me. I’ll be back when I have a cooler head.