Churches Loan Buildings to Muslims for Worship


In Alexandria, Va., a local Islamic center decided to build its own mosque. In the meantime, it asked the Aldersgate Methodist Church if it could use its building for Friday prayers.

“I feel like we are embodying Christianity by being welcoming,” said Diane Bechtol, a member of Aldersgate Methodist. Bechtol, also a member of the church’s newly founded Muslim dialogue committee, said the church was surprised when the request was made. She said the church wants to get better acquainted with its Muslim neighbors.

“It’s very easy to categorize a group, to demonize a group, to suspect or just not know a group,” she said. Bechtol said she does not think sharing worship space compromises her faith.

“Jesus called us to give hospitality to strangers. To feed the poor and help the sick and this is walking the walk,” she added.

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But, would God the Israelites to share a temple with those wanting to worship the Baals or Astoreths? Would Jesus allow the money changers to sell in the temple?


alexandria…methodist church. OH WHY does this not surprise me. abominable. The equivalent of pagan worship.


This is definitely unchristian. The Bible addresses the way we should handle such people. Not that we should shun them individually, but that we should not encourage them in their beliefs - that we should not wish them “Godspeed.” Can’t remember exactly where that is, but it is definitely in the Bible.


Here it is:

(2 John 1:10) If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

(2 John 1:11) For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.


Basic human kindness and generosity are worth more that religious precepts.


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The most Christian Christians that I have ever met have been Methodists. And showing hospitality to another religion is not “the equivalent of pagan worship.”


There is no Biblical precedent for encouraging friendship to false worshipers.


And some Muslims will probably say that that church now belongs to them, simply because they were “there.”


they defile it is what they do. You don’t worship a false gods in a House dedicated to the worship of the One True God.


I don’t care what the Bible says; I still think it was a very nice thing for them to do.


do you care about the Ten Commandments in particular the FIRST ONE?


Not really.


Indeed is was a nice thing of the to do.


It’s still the right thing to do; if they hadn’t wanted to do it, that would have been fine as well, but religions will never be to get along if they can’t even be willing to share thr same space. Also, a church isn’t a holy in and of itself, it’s the believers themselves that it that way.




what scripture are you quoting.


ahh this is what I don’t GET! How is pettiness, point scoring, retaliation & withholding help more Christian than burying the hatchett & extending an olive branch of sorts? How can one set of beliefs be more true than the other when both sides are so strongly convinced? Don’t both religions have similar commandments? And what’s a Methodist? I know it’s a Christian but what…errr. There’s so many different types of Christians, how did that happen? Is a Methodist’s God the same as other Christian sects’ God? If not, why? Why is Allah a false God when Muslims also use the old testament, which is where the Christian God made his first appearance? They’re the same thing, just worshipped differently aren’t they? Or is it the form of worship that’s the problem?


Since when is being “nice” always the RIGHT thing to do?


Maybe not always…I don’t know, it just seems like in this situation what’s been done helps more ppl than it hurts. Then again it’s none of my dang business :slight_smile:

Being ‘nice’ isn’t right when you’re enabling someone to harm themselves, or mooch. If they blow it up or leave their prayer mats & halal foods all over the place then I owe u a coke :biggrin: