Churchgoers must register with Kansas City Mo Gov't

for tracking and surveillance.



Mo Governor is Republican.
Mayor Quinton Lucas is Democrat…naturally.

Gov Ron De Santis of Florida opened the beaches.
Localities are keeping them closed they say for repairs and maintenance. No they’re not.
They’re democrat and they’re doing it to hurt DeSantis and The President.


The Democrats want to make this lock-down as long and painful as possible to hurt the economy and Trump. Sadly the American people still believe that old cliche that the Democrats are the party of the working man and the people. They abandoned us more than 30 years ago when Walter Mondale caved to every special interest group to get the nomination in 1984. Since then, they have been the party of special interest pressure groups who want special treatment in the form of hiring and promotion quotas and government transfer payments.

If you want to see the true Democrat Party, look no further than AOC and Nancy Pelosi. If you are not a member of a minority with a grievance, their message is screw you.


Thats always been the bottom line.

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No, if you go back to the most of the 20th century, the Democrats did stand up for working people. Laws like the Wagner Act that gave unions a legal right to be at the bargaining table, and acts like the FDIC which proved people with protection for the money they had in the bank were all good.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act, passed with support of Republicans and opposed by Southern Democrats, was a positive step. Why couldn’t African-Americans stay at the same hotels? How could you justify telling Sammy Davis, Jr. that he could entertain people and yet not be allowed to eat his meal in the audience?

The trouble was with quotas. Maybe you needed them in the beginning, but have they been necessary for generations? One Atlanta African-American lady put it best. “If you want a piece of the pie, make your own damn pie!” Precisely. The government can offer you an opportunity for a decent education, not guarantee you an upper middle class life.

The Vietnam War was the great radicalizer. Young people came in contact with the far left, and they took that to heart. Unfortunately many of them were the people who stayed on to become college professors and teachers. They have radicalized their students, and the concept of politely correctness which is a ruse to shut down all debate.

Now the Democrats stand for many fringe groups. Just because you think you are a woman when you are genetically a male does not give you the right to go to the bathroom with women and little girls. Name a fringe group, the Democrats support it.


The Democrats started embracing leftism/progressivism as far back as the 1930’s with the advent of FDR. It’s true that the party did a few good things for the working people, but adhering to all that “Workers of the World Unite” nonsense wasn’t one of them.


Listen to Glenn Beck on Woodrow Wilson:

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I don’t think Wilson was so much a “leftist” as he simply was a racist moron. Admittedly, racists tend to be left-leaning, so I suppose Beck has a point here.

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He says that is was under Wilson that the party took a huge “Left” turn.

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He was a globalist too even if that was not a term at the time.

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Wilson was a leftist. If you wrote or said anything negative about America’s participation in World War I, his attorney general had the power to lock you up and throw away the key.

Wilson KNEW he was going to get us into that war while he was running as a peace candidate for re-election in 1916.

Why did he do that? As a globalist, he wanted to be “the great savior of the world” who would sweep in and make his League of Nations a world government. If the U.S. came in and won the war, HE would be in the position to run the show. HE had all the answers. HE was the brightest guy in the world. HE was destined from greatness. The man was beyond arrogant.

Here is a 1916 campaign button.

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Actually William Jennings Bryan made the first “left turn” for the Democrat Party. Before that, their candidate was Grover Cleveland, who was really a conservative.

Bryan played a huge role in the getting the Democrat nomination for Wilson in 1912. Bryan was sill a power broker in the party despite the the fact that the Democrats had nominated him for president three times, and he had lost all of those races. For that, Wilson appointed Bryan to be secretary of state, which was the top cabinet post at that time. Bryan resigned over Wilson’s World War I policies.

Here is a button from the 1916 campaign that supports Wilson’s liberal credentials. As it is now, the term “progressive” met “liberal.”

How can you be a racist if you are interning people of your own race?

Who was “interning people of [his] own race?”

I guess he means Wilson.

Wilson was a real racist. He didn’t have any respect for African-Americans and made no excuses for his segregationist views. He was a big fan of the film, Birth of a Nation, which lionized the KKK. He screened it in the Whitehouse.

That’s quite true. It was HE, by the way, that officially segregated the military services…a situation that wasn’t corrected until the end of Truman’s tenure in the White House and the beginning of Eisenhower’s.

The Wagner act is a terrible law that turned Unions into the corrupt, rent-seeking organizations we see today.

When your position is guaranteed by law, when you don’t need to compete with other Unions or get workers permission to represent them, you take it all for granted.

You get absurd cases where workers sue the Union to go away.

Being a Racist does not mean that you cannot be anything else, Hitler murdered blonde haired blue eyed enemies as well as all of the groups he considered “inferior”.

Being a Racist means that you are stupid, stupid people cross all sorts of lines as they follow their stupidity.

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