Clean out your PMs

This thread is for anyone needing to tell someone to clear out their PMbox.

I will go first and ask the EV to please clean out your PMbox.:biggrin:

Part of the problem with people not noticing that their pm boxes are full is that we no longer have the running notification of how many messages we have, and when our box is approaching capacity.

Yeah. yeah. whatever. It’s cleaned out, snakehead.

Well it is no use now Asgard scum! You already got my request so the PM is useless now! Oh yeah…

Suds! It’s full again!

That is nothing new. :rofl:

Okay! Okay! I’m trying to get it all transcribed to my word document, but it’s taking longer than I expected…

Just for that, Seravee, your PMs are going first. sharpens knife slowly while staring at you

You can send it now, Clammy.

NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!! runs away screaming

J.Anderson I must request that you please clean out you PMBox. That is all.

Hey Suds! It’s full again! :angry26:

Mods, perhaps this thread is a good candidate for stickying. It’ll probably see some extended use.

My goodness Suds!!!

My PM box is empty.

I forgot to delete those other five…>.<

Mine’s staying remarkably empty lately. Perhaps because I haven’t been posting much.

That doesn’t mean fill it up, you jerks :wink:

If no one’s POed at you, RwNj, you need to ask yourself … are you really doing your job …

:biggrin: Board staff people are paid to be flak catchers, right? :biggrin:

Next dozen PMs in 'Nutjob’s box:

Spam from Fantasy Chaser
Spam from SuddenImpact
Spam from Seravee
Spam from TheOperative
Spam from Elmira Viking
Spam from DemocraticUnderground
Spam from Fiona’s Floral Arrangements
Spam from Barrack Obama
Spam from Desparate Housewives
Spam from Westboro Baptist Church
Spam from Fuzzhead Hair Replacement Clinic
Spam from Smoothie Depilatory Cream

Hey Suds.

Guess what.

Yeah, it’s full.


Aren’t you supposed to not be here?

Cleaned. I’m sorry, I’m just wracked with indecisiveness about what non-letter PMs to keep. >.< Maybe I should start a separate document just for conversations…