Clean out your PMs


We got home at 3:00 - we were supposed to be able to leave the hospital at 3:00 at the earliest, but this old body sometimes can surprise a lot of people!


I wrote this before I’d read the Random Thought Thread. :awkward: I thought he said you guys were going to be gone the whole day, though.


Well, before the surgery, they told us it could be as late as 6:30. Also, if there was a problem with doing the laparoscopic type surgery, they’d have had to do it the “old fashioned” way, and I would have been hospitalized for several days.


Old fashioned’s good for oatmeal cookies. Not surgery so much. :biggrin:




I’ll be right there!


Done! I wish they would show you up front like they used to how many messages you have.


SUDS!!! Clean out those PMs!!!


Yeah, yeah, all right… :bored:


Maybe we need a separate Suds-clean-out-your-PM-box thread…


I just deleted them all. All 50. So I don’t think it should be a problem for a while…did you know you can just download all the PMs? O_O Two years on this site and I only just noticed that! :Thud: But that’s why it’s been so full; I haven’t wanted to delete them, but transferring them to my document is a bit of an ordeal since I can’t just copy and paste; I have to mess with the format. But now that I know I can just download the HTML version in two clicks, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. =)


I’m fortunate; I can always do C&P if I need to save it offline.


:rofl: I agree.


Count your blessings. XD


Hey jez_24! Time to clean your Inbox and/or Sent Messages box!


TO! It’s full!

And could you or one of the mods sticky this thread? It’s very useful.


Yeap, just did.


YAY!!! My first sticky!!! This is cause for celebration.




'Nutjob… It’s full…