Clean out your PMs


If it is site that have cat dressed like Hitler then i don’t mind. lol


LOL! After posting that I thought, "Oh no. Now they’re all going to blow up my inbox and fuss at me about it!"
I was rather relieved I didn’t see something like “125 Notifications.”


CWolf, your message box is full!


Hey Jazzhead, your box is full.


No one reads this thread who is not subscribed to this thread; epic fail.


Your point being…Grow up Sway.


[quote=“Sway, post:65, topic:27750”]
No one reads this thread who is not subscribed to this thread; epic fail.
[/quote]Yes, I realize that, but was hoping someone that’s subscribed to this thread was in contact with Jazzhead by other means. Apparently that may have happened, because just about an hour ago, Jazzhead PM’d me that he had been made “aware” that his box was full and he had cleared it.

I thought I’d try this first, and then post a heads up in a thread he was subscribed to. Didn’t have to go that far because it appears NOT to have been an “epic fail” by posting here . . . for whatever reason.


Not all who post here subscribe to threads at all. I’m guessing you don’t subscribe to this one, and yet you’re still here…


Lord knows I wouldn’t be here. I mean why would I without my name ever being mentioned here. Of course, there is always a chance someone will say something worth a laugh.


I don’t subscribe to any threads. This thread was started for a reason, and it serves its purpose well.


You have what evidence for that?

Out of respect for the opinion of a moderator, I posted here, instead of continuing to make notes, in on-going threads, on administrative matters. And I’ve seen others do so, as well, to no avail. Nice idea, that doesn’t work.


I also do not subscribe to threads, yet I read O-NOT’s post for Jazz this AM.


Don’t bring your lack of a life into it! :whistle:


I cleaned out my PMs because I read ObamaNot’s post on this thread.

I navigate the site primariy by hitting the new posts button. I saw the thread and clicked on it.

Epic fail? To the contrary, it was ingenious and it worked.


See above comment. (g)


Just lol

Yes, Sway, the sky is green and South Dakota doesn’t exist. You are full of epic win. I’m amazed people are even arguing with you at all. Good job!


Hey, if I keep this going, and at the top of some lists, it might even function for me! Keep hope alive! (g)


Holy crap, it did!



Clean out your PM box.


Conservative Libertarian, clean out your PM box.